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10 Startups the World Is Missing [Comic]

There is an old adage that no idea is a bad idea. This is, of course, ridiculous. Just look at the startup world: from the $400 device that squeezes juice from a juice pack to 95% of blockchain related companies, bad ideas are abundant and frequently well funded.

We wanted in on the bad startup ideas scene, that’s why we created 10 startups of our own.

10 Startups the World is Missing comic

This comic was created by Elizabeth Pich, half of the talent behind War and Peas.

Having presented you with 10 of the greatest, new startup ideas, I’m sure you’ve got a question or two. I’m here to help with all your inquiries, frequently asked or otherwise. I’ve come up with a list which I think will address the majority of queries one may have.

Does the Ex-Shredder do digital mementos?

Sure! If you find yourself unable to stop looking at your ex’s social medium platforms, the ex-shredder can take care of that for you. We’ll shred your computer, phone, tablet, etc. in an industrial metal shredder, because unfollowing or unfriending would make it look like you care too much. Instead, shred hundreds of dollars of electronics and keep your dignity intact.

What happens if I combine startups: “White Lies Inc” with “Lie Detector Dogs”?

It is highly unadvised to combine the two, however, if you were to make this misstep, it would result in the lie detector dog’s slow loss of faith in humanity and general lethargy. Why would you do that to such a good dog? Keep our dogs Good Boys and avoid exposing them to human realities at all costs.

Can I invest in [Startup Idea Here]?

While we will take your money, we’d really prefer if you put that time and effort into signing up for Toggl (which also happens to free). From there, you can track all the time you spend investing in great (a subjective term) startup ideas. If you insist on investing, please send any transfers to the author’s personal Payal.

How long did it take to think up these ideas?

Much longer than anyone is willing to admit.

July 3, 2019