3 Common Questions Toggl Track Will Answer for You

Illustration of a woman in a clock

There are times when your looming workday can fill you with more questions than answers.

  • Am I in charge of that bouncy castle client or is Carol…?
  • Did I remember to account for all those meetings they insisted we have on the trampoline?
  • Can I take my break now? On solid ground? Or did I take my break already? All the blood is rushing to my feet I can’t remember.
  • Why didn’t I go into medicine like my dad?

Work shouldn’t leave you so up in the air and Toggl Track can help you answer every one of these questions. Except the last one.

#1 Who’s working on what now?

You did it.

You’ve landed the coveted Undebatable Relocatable Inflatable account, purveyors of all things bouncy and jumpy and you want to get it right.

And you’re worried about things getting lost in the mix.

It can happen to anybody. You get confused about who’s in charge of what part of a project.

Because, even after you’ve gotten into the habit of tracking, what if you or your team aren’t tracking the right things?

Or what if everyone is working on the same thing?

Toggl Track has you covered with a wonderful feature called Tasks.

Tasks allows you to break down your project into jobs that can be assigned to specific team members.

With Tasks you can give your project a hierarchy and create clearly designated sub-tasks allowing everyone to know what should they focus on.

You can even assign tasks to time entries so you will never miss an important detail when you run your report the next time.

But it gets better. Tasks isn’t just about assigning work, Tasks is about completing work.

Once a task is finished and everyone has bounced their last bounce, you can mark it as done. A handy little strikethrough lets everyone know you’re ready for the next challenge.

Entries recorded as Done still appear in reports. And if the task wasn’t quite as complete as you thought, you can always reactivate it by marking it as Active.

#2 Where did the time go?

Your latest client is keeping you on your toes and sometimes completely off your feet.

Your days are busy with answering email, phone calls, driving from place to place and attending more meetings than you can keep track of.

And you’re pretty sure you stopped the timer before creating a new entry.

Relatively sure.

Not sure at all.

Ok, you missed like 5 things but in your defense you really didn’t expect to spend so much of your day on a trapeze..

And what you could really use now is a time machine.

Anybody has a time machine?

As a matter of fact, we do! It’s not exactly the TARDIS but we can help you locate those hours you may have forgotten to track.

With manual entry you never have to worry about losing time again. Manual entry allows you to add in the data you missed.

And Toggl Track doesn’t assume you’re always doing only one thing at a time.

You’re the master of multitasking. So here’s another way you can find this feature handy.

Manual entry isn’t just about the past or even the present.

It also allows you to add time to the future.

  • Your commute tomorrow.
  • That lunch that you’ve had scheduled for a month.
  • That vacation that you’re really looking forward to.

You never have to worry about a forgotten entry again.

Manual entry has your back yesterday, today and tomorrow.

#3 Is it lunchtime yet?

Time tracking isn’t just about work. In fact, we have users who track all sorts of things: meals, sports, school, Netflix; that’s just part of Toggl Track’s versatility.

Whatever you’re working on, we know from experience that we can all get a bit single minded at times.

And as much as you may have initially needed a nudge to start your day, sometimes you need a nudge to take a break.

Your workday may feel like an acrobatic feat, but all the more reason to find your balance.

The Pomodoro timer available on Chrome, Firefox, and the Mac and Windows Desktop apps is an incredible tool when you need a little extra help to step away from your desk.

With the Pomodoro timer you set any time interval you like and once that time is up, you’ll get an alert  to take that well deserved rest.

At Toggl Track, we believe your off time is just as serious as your work time and you deserve a break every day.

Still feeling as though you have some unanswered questions?

That’s only natural.

Toggl Track is full of hidden gems that can make your work easier and once you have discover them you’ll wonder how could you ever have lived without them.

All you need to do is find them and make them work for you.

That’s where the Toggl Track Master program comes in the picture.

Our certified Toggl Track Masters have the solution for every question you have; and enough tricks, tips and tweaks to have you and your teams up and running like a well oiled machine.

Check out our available plans, drop us a line and we’ll work together on finding the best package for you, on your terms and in your pace.

And we promise you won’t ever have to jump through any hoops again!

February 7, 2018