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4 Tips for Your Next Business Presentation


Whether you are pitching a million-dollar idea to investors, or you are simply putting together something that will make your boss happy, creating an entertaining presentation is a vital part of keeping your business interesting. Technology has changed the way that we present ourselves and our ideas to people. This can be great for some, and a nightmare for others. Here are some tips for your next business presentation to make sure that your audience stays entertained and is interested in what you have to say.

1. Keep Computer Slideshows Simple

A lot of people like to use computer programs to create slideshows or PowerPoint presentations. If you are one of these people, keep it as simple as you possibly can. A presentation should be used as a platform for the speaker to say what he or she has to say and not much more. In reality, it is the speaker that must keep the energy going, and the audience entertained with the way that they command attention from the crowd. If you use slideshow software, only put main points on your slides to remind you of what you are talking about. If you have line after line of text, your viewers will get distracted by trying to read what you have up, or simply bored with the amount of reading they think they have to do. Use software to spruce up your presentation, not make it more complicated to understand.

2. Present A Story

Whether you use software or not, make sure that whatever it is that you are talking about is linear and follows an easy to understand path that keeps your audience entertained. A great way to do this is to tell a story, or at least frame your idea in the same pattern a story would follow. The more you emphasize the importance of ‘the story’ in your presentation, the more people will be interested and find themselves following along. Make it interesting, funny, or weird. Whatever you need to get the juices going.

3. Graphics and Detail Interest

Don’t assume your powerpoint has to be the only way to present information. If you have displays and images put them all in once place, on a graph, a chalkboard, or a graphic design flow chart. Make it easy to understand and add a little visual interest. An infographic world chart can be made to show your information in unique and organized ways.

4. Involve Your Audience

If the situation allows, be sure to involve your audience in the presentation. Chances are if you are pitching an idea to a group of board members, having them participate may seem less professional. But if the time and place is right, getting your audience involved will keep them entertained. Also, in fear of not knowing what’s going on the next time you ask for audience participation, chances are they will pay more attention to what it is you are saying.

You can give great presentations that will interest and entertain your audience. However, you need to be prepared before you walk into the presentation meeting. If you follow the tips on this list while preparing, you can give better presentations and deliver a better message.

September 19, 2013