A lot of updates in Toggl. Check it out!

Today was another launchday. Here’s what got done:

1. Tags in the Timer

Now you can add/remove tags right there in the Timer. Just select them from the dropdown.










2. New feeds

You may have already noticed a few new icons on the dashboard.




Now there’s a possibility to subscribe to your tasks. The first one is for your recent tasks and the second one is for Google Calendar. Just copy/paste the feed link to your favorite reader/Google Calendar.

NB! For Premium users only.

3. Changeable time frame on the dashboard charts

As you can see there are three options: this month, this week and today.



















NB! For Premium workspaces only!

4.  Reset filters link in reports

For faster filter cleanup.

5. Possibility to choose a time format

There are two choices: 12-hour  and 24-hour clock. It can be changed under “My Settings”.

6. Timer now allows two tasks with the same name

That is two tasks with the same name under the same project on the same day. Something like this:






7. Billable amounts and currencies now seperated in the CSV export

For easier processing.



The Toggl Team

April 8, 2009

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