What Alien Technology Looks Like in a Parallel Universe [Comic]

When it comes to sci-fi, it feels like we humans suffer from an inferiority complex. Aliens are always the ones with superior brains, histories that would make the ancient Greeks blush, and the coolest tech on this side of the Milky Way.

But what if it was the other way around? What if their shiniest marvel of technology was – the fax machine?

This comic was created by Skeleton Claw Comics for the Toggl team – the people behind the world’s no. 1 time tracking app. We’re pretty passionate about time tracking, no matter what device you may be using.

We’re also quite passionate about apps – iOS, Android, Wind – we love (and make) them all. Indrek, one of our teammates at Toggl, took on a challenge last year and decided to make 12 apps in 12 months during his paternity leave. It was quite a journey, but he (spoilers ahead!) managed to make the 12th one just in time for Christmas. Pretty nice job if you ask us!

Toggl for iOS

If you’re an alien, our app might be the greatest thing you’ve ever seen in your life and we might end up being your deities. If you’re a human, however, you might be slightly less elated. But hey, if you do spend a lot of time working away from your desk, tracking time with your phone might be a pretty good idea (and luckily for you, our mobile app rocks!).

We’ve also recently released a really big update, which has added some great options to the app. So, if there ever was a time to try it out, let me quote Moloko – “The time is now!”


Keeping track of your time can even save you money, so why not give it a shot!

Ok, aliens were pretty interesting, but do you have any other cool comics?

You betcha! Any chance you have a job where you work with a lot of clients? Well, the one we did about really, really bad clients might be just for you + it has pirates.

Perhaps, you’d enjoy this comic which covers the differences between working from home and working in an office (yes dad, for the 100th time, I am actually working from my home and not watching Netflix all the time).

We also love animals too, especially the ones that take their time when it comes to – well, basically everything. Time management is a serious thing, but maybe Johnnie the Sloth isn’t the best mammal to look up to when it comes to organizing your life (but boy, would you get some naps if you took his advice!).

We’ll also keep doing these comics, so keep an eye on our Facebook or Twitter if you want to catch them early. We’re on Instagram too, if you need a break from all of those fitness coaches and their routines.

If you have any ideas for the next comic, or if you’re an alien that is offended by the fact that we didn’t include another jewel of your technology – the VCR – drop us a line where it says “Comments”.

February 15, 2018

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