5 Best Android Apps for Productivity

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I sometimes struggle to get things done, as – I have no doubt – you do, too. 

During the past few years working in a startup where the pace is fast and expectations are high, I’ve been going through hundreds of android apps to help me in the productivity race. Here are my top 5 choices:

#5 Dropbox

Dropbox1 Dropbox2 Dropbox3 

I can’t imagine life without it, really.

It’s the single most important thing for sharing my personal stuff with others. Also, my screenshots end up in Dropbox automatically generating a link. Neat, right? That turns sharing into a one-click gig with just pressing cmd+V.

Dropbox helps me get things done on mobile when I’m on the move and although it has many quality competitors, they managed to keep me loyal for years.

#4 Toggl

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There are a few things more important than estimating your time. One of them is knowing how much time you really spend on different activities.

Because, first of all, that’s what estimation is, by definition. And secondly, without knowing accurately where your time goes, you can never really understand what you should really be focusing on.

I know a lot of people who are reluctant to take Toggl on, but I have to say, there’s no better tool to give you immediate feedback on what you’re up to 8 hours a day.

#3 Clockwork Tomato

Tomato1 169x300  Tomato2 169x300  Tomato3 169x300

To keep up the pace, I usually use Pomodoro technique. This means I do short sprints of work broken up by scheduled breaks (timed by Clockwork Tomato).

I use the breaks to chat with my peers and to keep up with the latest dog videos on Youtube, but the working time is for work only.

Even if I do slip from time to time, this technique helps me keep focused and get things done in a fast, systematic way.

#2 Slack


Well, this is a no-brainer, right? If you have a plan, you need to discuss it with your colleagues to make changes if necessary.

Communication is the key whenever someone feels unmotivated or left alone with their tasks.

And if you work in a remote team like I do, you need a trustworthy app – like Slack.

#1 Teamweek


First, you have to plan ahead, right? But, as it happens, a plan alone usually isn’t enough.

I always need to have a clear understanding of deadlines and the workflow to plan my time ahead and achieve maximum efficiency.

This is where Teamweek comes in handy. It helps me plan ahead on a timeline and gives me a birds-eye view of what’s coming next. And I can immediately see whether or not I can take it easy on some days. Because some occasional slacking never hurt anyone, right?


The better my planning is and the more I understand what’s coming next, the more I can take on small projects no one has time for. Like writing up this blog post.


There are of course dozens of other apps like Google Drive, Headspace, Trello, and Evernote that I’ve been using for years. But somehow they didn’t make it into my top 5.

What is your favorite productivity app?

September 20, 2017