The Budget Calculator: Craft a Beautiful Budget With This New Tool

Looking for a classy invoice that will keep you organized and impress clients? Toggl Plan’s new budget calculator is the perfect tool for you.

The budget calculator is easy to use and creates a professional-looking PDF invoice that you can download instantly and send to your clients. With this plug-and-play tool, simply enter tasks, dates, and rates and click “Download to PDF” to create your custom invoice.

The budget calculator also allows you to:

  • Import tasks from a CSV file
  • Color-code different tasks and costs
  • See a visual overview of your cost breakdown
  • Price tasks on an hourly or fixed price basis

The budget calculator is perfect for freelancers and agencies. It’s free (no signup needed), and you can generate a budget worksheet pdf in a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve created your budget or invoice, keep the project organized with Toggl Plan. Toggl Plan is beautifully simple project planning software trusted by thousands of small and medium businesses. Use Toggl Plan’s timeline to get a visual overview of your team’s workload. Try Toggl Plan for free here.

December 6, 2018

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