Watch People React to Ridiculous Requests Designers Have to Deal With [Video]

Two people talking in a wine shop

“Our budget’s kinda tight right now, so how about we just give you tons of exposure?”

Did reading that just make you incredibly mad? Then read on.

Time is the most valuable thing for freelancers and agencies alike, yet some clients have no problems asking for things that would be unacceptable with other businesses.

In fact – to drive home the point – we set up a small sting operation in London to see just what would happen if we treated other businesses like terrible clients treat web design agencies.

It worked out exactly as well as you’d expect:

Big thanks go out to Rang Media House for helping us with the stunt and to the actor Matt Addis for pulling off a seriously punch-worthy corporate client.

But pranks aside – how do you protect your time against such clients?

Track every minute of your time

As time is the most valuable resource for anyone working with multiple clients, you need to know exactly where it’s going.

The goal of this is incredibly simple – you need to know how much your hours are worth to make sure you’re not spending more on a project than you’re being paid for.

The challenge is that as humans, we’re really bad at estimating time. That’s where time tracking tools like Toggl come in, giving you an accurate estimate of just where exactly your time – and money – is going.


So if you want to avoid being lunch for a particularly aggressive client, sign up and give Toggl a spin (hey, it’s free to start with too!)


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September 1, 2016