How to Grow and Cultivate an Online Community [Comic]

Illustration of someone giving advice: the trick is in creating some happiness for yourself

Looking to differentiate yourself online? Want to build a community around your work? We’ve got a few ideas on how to do just that!

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Snippet of How To Grow and Cultivate an Online Community Comic
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How to Grow and Cultivate an Online Community comic
How to Grow and Cultivate an Online Community comic

This comic was created by Extra Fabulous Comics for Toggl’s “I Made That!” week. Whether you’re making and sharing your work off or online, it’s important you take pride in your work.

This week we’re sharing stories, tips, and ideas on creating. It’s not always an easy path – we’ve got some stories on failure and fear – but if you can push through it, wow is that a great feeling.

My online community is good. What about more comics?

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Until then – keep on trackin’!

January 15, 2019