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3 Ways The Right Hiring Tool Makes Recruiting Easier

Julia Masselos Julia Masselos Last Updated:

Hiring has gotten harder, not easier. With online applications opening the floodgates to applicants, no matter their applications, HR professionals and managers have found the search for the right candidate takes more time. 55% of hiring experts saw an increase in applicants per position in 2020, according to a survey conducted by Toggl Hire. What’s worse, many potential candidates can get through to the interview or even on-boarding phase before employers realize they simply do not possess the right skill set. Luckily, there is a hiring tool that can help.

With pre-employment screening and other hiring tools, managers are helping with the hiring process. In fact, the right hiring tool can reduce your time to fill, reduce the number of applications you look at, and help you find the right candidate with minimal effort. They can simply make the whole process easier. Here’s how.

1. Gets Rid of the “Mass Applicant”

One of the banes of modern hiring is what we sometimes call the “mass applicant.” This is the person who takes the same resume and cover letter and sends it to almost any new listing that’s posted, regardless of the job or the level of experience required. While it’s easy to spot and sort these out when looking at resumes, the right hiring tool can actually do this automatically, saving you over 80% of your hiring time.

A hiring tool that either adds an extra step, like a pre-employment test, or that sorts according to keyword searches, can actually weed these applications right out. That means you will spend far less time sorting through the applications that shouldn’t be there, leaving you time to focus on the motivated and qualified candidates.

2. Tests for Skills Ahead of Time

Here’s the truth about work: unskilled labor is no longer a thing. Almost every job out there requires some set of skills. These may be hard skills, like fluency in a specific programming language, or softer skills, like sales abilities or customer service skills. In every case, however, you need to assess these skills before you hire them. That’s where a hiring tool can help.

The right hiring tool, or set of hiring tools, can actually assess people on the skills you need before you even look at their application. This extra step can test for almost anything you may need from a potential candidate, including hard and soft skills. And since it’s part of their initial application, you can look at the scores and remove people who aren’t qualified right away. See how it works here.

3. Gets to Promising Interviews Faster

There is possibly nothing more disheartening than going through a long hiring process, only to get to the interview process and have no one really be great. This is often because what’s on the paper and who a person is can be really different. But with the right hiring tool, you can actually make sure your interviewees are pre-screened to be much more promising. And that means you can focus on questions that matter in the interview rather than trying to assess their skills.

Do you need a qualified candidate quickly? Toggl Hire has the hiring tool that can help you screen applicants for the skills you need to get you better candidates faster. Our pre-screening capabilities have helped many businesses of all sizes get the people they need.

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