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How We’re Hiring Without Reading a Single CV

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This is a simple story of how we made hiring easy using Hundred5.

Hiring Without Reading A Single CV


We killed the CV as a hiring tool in 2013 because after spending a ridiculous amount of time sifting through piles of résumés, we regularly ended up with a lot of hard to compare CVS and no way to make well-reasoned decisions. 

And this was just part of the problem.

No matter how damn good a job description we wrote, we were still flooded with overconfident, mediocre applicants who spam all possible openings, hoping that one day this strategy will pay off.

Sound familiar?

Over the years, we’ve noticed that, about 95%, of people applying for a position, are not a match. But you still need to spend a lot of time handling their CVs and responding to emails.

And while communicating with people you don’t want to hire, you’ll most certainly end up slowing down your responses to the best candidates. Sadly, they might be long gone once you finally end up contacting them.

We know, because we’ve been there.

The turnaround

We had no choice but to find a better way to screen the candidates and save our so very precious time.

Long story short, we built Hundred5 (an alternative for tedious résumé screening) and switched over to skill tests. So now we don’t just ask for résumés, instead, we let people take a short quiz (on Facebook) to prove their abilities for the job as a first-pass filter. 


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From there on, we focus our energy only on those who truly have the prerequisites to join our team, while everyone else is handled and contacted automatically by the system.  

And you know what? We are not looking back.

This approach has given us back the valuable time spent on manually separating skilled applicants from adventure seekers who embellish their CVS and/or just try their luck.

So we now spend zero time on candidates we don’t want to hire!


And now, as Hundred5 Team is looking for a new team member and keeping a live blog about it, you have a unique opportunity to follow the same process alongside.

Don’t miss this lucky chance! 

Hundred5 Live Hiring Blog

January 10, 2018