How to Build a Technical Skills Test for Prospective Employees

The business world is a rat race, and when you are looking to hire new people, you need to make sure that you hire the most qualified person. You need to do it fast and accurately. Many applications today are completed online, and some have over 1,000 applicants for a few positions. Even if you have a human resources department, it would take a long time to go through that many applications and decide who qualifies for an interview. That’s where technical skills testing can help.

Today, the art of face-to-face interviews is limited

You may not be able to talk to someone in person to see their reactions and how they handle face-to-face questions. At one time, you could tell a lot about someone by their smile and their handshake. Now you may not even see your candidate, let alone shake their hand, until your hiring process is almost complete. Today, you need new tools and strategies for seeking out the best candidate for your company, and one of these tools is using technical skills testing.

Many employers will use a company like Toggl Hire to help set up technical skills testing; other companies may choose to create their own testing. When using the technical skills testing tool, it is important that you create testing that is suited to your company’s—and to the job’s—qualification-specific needs. You may require that potential employees have a specific degree or background; however, that may not be all that is required to move to the next step in the interview process. For example, if you are looking to hire an administrative assistant, asking a candidate if they have computer skills would not be adequate. You should be asking if they are proficient in programs that your company utilizes, such as React if you’re hiring an app developer, or knowledge of Facebook ads if you’re hiring a digital marketing manager. The test can be determining what a few lines of code will evaluate to, or how to calculate the CPL from a data sheet of marketing campaigns.

How can technical skills testing help?

When technical skills testing is set up correctly, it will use an algorithm to begin eliminating candidates that do not meet your company’s specific qualifications, saving you valuable time and money in the recruitment process – up to 86% in some cases!

Using a technical testing tool also allows your company to dig deeper into the knowledge of a potential employee by gathering their knowledge of your specific industry. For example, when hiring someone in finances, you can complete a written test of basic principles and terminology, then proceed to have them complete sample deposits and paychecks. To go further in a specific industry such as hotel management, you can have your potential candidate complete a test on specific scenarios based on hotel experiences: i.e. billing large companies or sports teams for blocks of hotel rooms.

Using the technical skills testing tool is designed to remove biases. The tool focuses on a person’s skillset or experience and not on just their resume. This will also prevent biases based on age, gender, or race, and it will ascertain that you are hiring the most qualified candidate. A technical skills test should include a demonstration of practical skills, content knowledge, and application questions.

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December 21, 2020