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How to Choose the Best Free Recruitment Software for Your Small Business

Julia Masselos Julia Masselos Last Updated:

Finding the right people in a normal year was becoming impossible. Putting an ad out on a popular forum like LinkedIn could lead to thousands of applications, almost all of which were submitted for every posting vaguely similar to what you need. The process got to the point where posting for positions was making it impossible to find good people. That is why many people have turned to recruitment software for small business.

With the right recruitment software for small business, you can stop sifting through thousands of unrelated applications and instead focus on quality candidates who can hit the ground running. Best of all, most of this software is free to get started with. Here are a few tips to help you find the right recruitment software for your small business.

Look for One that Works Fast

When we post jobs, it’s often for someone that can start pretty soon, not months down the line. That is why you need recruitment software for small business that works fast. Don’t settle for a software that takes weeks; instead, go with a platform that is known to work quickly.

Think About Skills Tests

Sure, you can read through literally thousands of resumes and hope you get a sense of what someone can do. Or you can get candidates to go through a brief-but-informative skills test. With a skills test put in place with recruitment software for small business, your candidates will have to go just a few more steps, but it will instantly filter your list of candidates down substantially. That way, you just have to look through a few resumes of people you know are qualified rather than guessing through the entire process.

Choose Ease of Use

While many of us are eager to gather new skills and bolster our own toolkits, learning an obscure and difficult-to-navigate software interface isn’t what we have in mind. Too often, people who choose to use a recruitment software for small business will often suffer through a terrible user experience because they think that’s what comes with a free software. It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you should always go for an intuitive and easy-to-use platform and software, one that can help you set up skills tests and filter features quickly and easily.

Ease of use is integral to quickly finding the right candidates, which is why your recruitment software for small business should make finding the next right candidate simple.

There are many different kinds of recruitment software for small business. There is, however, only one Toggl Hire. Our all-in-one recruitment software helps small businesses in a big way, letting them get the candidates they need to drive forward to even greater success. Our easy-to-use platform lets you design specific skills tests that can filter out candidates quickly and easily. No more sifting through thousands of irrelevant resumes. With Toggl Hire, your next great employee is just a few clicks away. Click here for one-minute demo.

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