Introducing Planner, our new product for team schedule planning

UPDATE: This post is very, very old. But Planner is still alive and well – but it’s now called Toggl Plan. Check it out!

We are announcing a public beta version of our new product – Planner.

Planner Logo

Planner Toggl Plan is a web application with the main purpose of managing your team’s schedule. It:

  • gives you a birds-eye view of your team plans during the next couple of weeks;
  • allows you to change plans very easily using drag and drop;
  • integrates with Toggl which means you can import your team, clients and projects from Toggl into Planner Toggl Plan.

Visit Planner Toggl Plan at, try it out, and let us know what you think.


Toggl Team

January 3, 2011