Is Technical Screening the Secret Quality Hiring Weapon?
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Is Technical Screening the Secret Quality Hiring Weapon?

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It is not uncommon to find resumes and cover letters that stretch the truth of one’s capabilities. In a highly competitive market, it only makes sense that everyone will do whatever it takes to stand out – even if that means adding in a technical skill you aren’t actually a master at. For employers, sifting through resumes and finding the perfect candidate can be a grueling process and to top it off, there is nothing to guarantee that what is on an applicant’s CV is the whole story! So how can employers improve this tedious process and find better candidates faster? Technical skills screening tools are changing the hiring process and connecting employers with more suitable candidates.

What is Technical Screening?

Resumes and cover letters only go so far in showcasing a prospective candidate’s talents. When it comes to the hiring process, it can be challenging to measure technical skills. This is where technical skills screening tools come in. Technical screening is designed to complement the interview process by providing an interactive test that assesses an applicant’s technical skills. For example, some employers create writing and editing tests, and some coding companies will include a brief coding proponent in their application process.

Benefits of Automated Technical Screening

While there are perks to technical screening in person, the truth is that this is a process that can take up a colossal amount of work time. Testing five applicants seems doable, but what happens when your job posting has hundreds or even thousands of applicants? Automated technical skills screening tools speed up this process and cut down on costs. The drawback of an automated system is that you lose out on the person-to-person experience; however, just because a company uses technical screening doesn’t mean they can’t incorporate in-person interviews, too. In fact, it’s always recommended, as technical recruiters know all too well! Automated technical screening is not meant to replace interviews, but rather to complement the process and narrow down the candidate pool.

How Does Technical Screening Improve the Hiring Process?

Through technical screening, you can narrow down applications and home in on the perfect candidates for the job. In today’s market, there is competition not only amongst those already in the field, but even among those trying to break in, or in some cases, among those who aren’t qualified but are in search of employment wherever they can get it. Technical skills screening tools are designed to test how well-qualified candidates are for a specific task. These tools help employers narrow down their applicants and, further, highlight those who are the best fit for the job.

The Best Recruitment Tool

For developers looking to incorporate technical skills screening tools into their hiring process, Toggl Hire offers affordable and efficient technical screening tools. Technical screening tests are offered in 29 programming languages and are designed to attract more candidates through a quick (but thorough) 20-minute test. You can customize and build your question library to keep your screening tests up to date and deploy questions that reflect your company. Find the top talent in your industry and make the hiring process more efficient with Toggl Hire.

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