New feature – tags

Hi you all,

We have released a new version of Toggl – 1.3. There is a new feature in the latest release – tags. It enables you to add tags to tasks.

It goes like this:

  • create new tags under the properties tab
  • go to the task list in the reports (‘list view’, ‘do not group’)
  • select the tasks you want to tag
  • apply tags (the dropdown box at the top and at the bottom of the task list)

There is also a new filter in the report filters section that allows you to filter tasks by tags.

NB! This is not the final version of tags. We will be improving it further, for example: tag tasks from the timer, more convenient tag adding/handling (no need to go to the properties tab), etc. (Suggestions are always welcome, of course)

Stay tuned!

Toggl Team

December 3, 2008