Reports API Unveiled

Great news, fellow developers and hackers – we are now ready to reveal the much requested and greatly missed Reports API.

Now you can get the aggregated or detailed information of all the time tracked in a workspace through the API in JSON format. For all the workspace users, for a single user or for a group of users – the choice is yours as there is an extensive list of filters and flags you can use. 

More detailed information about the Reports API can be found from our Github Toggl API Documentation page.

Available Reports

The API offers three different reports, which essentially are the reports you can generate in the Toggl user interface.

  • Summary report  – aggregated data which can be grouped in three different ways (by projects, clients or users), which each provide at least three sub-groupings;
  • Detailed report – returns time entries for selected filters;
  • Weekly report – returns aggregated time or earnings (this is a premium feature) by users or projects for 7 days.

Help Us Towards a Better API

We have done our best to make the API documentation as understandable as we could, but we are sure it can be done better. So, If you have any ideas about how to make the documentation better or what kind of filters or requests we should add, just let us know on the Issues page!

May 28, 2013