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Selecting Recruitment Software for Growing Companies

Julia Masselos Julia Masselos Last Updated:

Why is recruiting so hard? Your company is growing and expanding, so you need to find that special someone who can help you keep up that momentum. When you have a growing business, you can’t just throw people at it; you need to find the right people. Sifting through applications can take hours or days and can lead to an ultimately fruitless interview. Skip that futile step and use recruitment software for small business. But just like selecting candidates, it’s important to select a program that removes the hassle AND finds the right people the first time.

Saving Time and Money

As with most business innovations, saving time and money are the first and most obvious goals. Recruiting manually is expensive. You have to examine every application that comes your way, and all you usually end up doing is examining who is good at writing a resume, not who would be a good fit to help your small business succeed. More important is the fact that this person fits your company’s culture and has the proper skills to actually do the job in practice. Utilizing a bit of recruitment software for small business can help you find quality candidates and filter out the less qualified candidates by adding appropriate skills testing to the application process.


When you are trying to choose a piece of recruitment software for small business, remember that you are looking for specific skills, not just knowing the business buzzwords. Filter out the fluff with a skills-matching system as a primary need. Reviewing applications on your own can lead you to make decisions with your own unconscious biases (everyone is human, after all). Adding a component that removes some of that bias from the equation can help you find the right people without having to stumble through the duds, or it can even keep you from making the mistake of hiring someone who looks great but then performs poorly.

Actual Experience Measuring

Experience isn’t a quality that is actually quantifiable. You might suggest in your job advertisement that you are looking for a candidate with five years of experience, but every workplace is different. A person can gain valuable experience at different rates depending on their environment. You can compare applicants and find that someone with ten years of experience is less qualified for a position with you than someone with just two years of experience at a different company. It’s impossible to try to make experience equivalencies just by looking at a piece of paper. Find recruitment software for small business that can differentiate actual experience vs just time served at a job.

While it’s true that nobody knows your business better than you, and it will ultimately be you who finds the perfect fit to help your business continue to grow, don’t shy away from accepting some help in getting to that person. Recruitment software for your small business can help find you the best people to interview and hire quickly, instead of leaving you to agonize over a seemingly endless sea of the wrong people. Click here to learn more.

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