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Survey: Time Management Habits And Work Attitudes

In June, we ran a survey about the time management habits of Toggl online timer users. Over 500 people completed the survey and we’ve already talked about the top 3 mistakes they identified people make when trying to manage their time, and how long they they can keep their focus on one task at hand. Now, let’s go a little deeper into the general attitudes.

work attitude, survey results2

Looks like 10-hour workdays are a piece of cake for more people than not. My respect to them!

It’s interesting to compare the “Prioritizing” and “Unpleasant stuff” graphs. While a very large majority of people say that they prioritize every task according to their overall goals, a surprising 56% still admit that they delay the most unpleasant tasks until the last minute. I feel that those two attitudes conflict, don’t you?

prioritizing2dealing with unpleasant work stuff2

In the light of number 4 in the list of top time management mistakes people make (not tracking their time), it’s good to see that such a large proportion of respondents, a whole 86%, do track their time in real time. Looks like there’s some excellent time management going on amongst Toggl users!

tracking in real time2

Most productivity articles I’ve read say that you should aim for “Done is better than perfect” if you really ever want to get anything done. I’ve not mastered that approach yet and it looks like a larger portion of togglers haven’t either. It’s hard to submit a piece of work that isn’t perfect, isn’t it!

work philosophy, survey results

Where do you fit in there, did you find any familiar traits? Comment below!

July 21, 2014