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11 Types of Employees You Meet at a Tech Company [Infographic]:

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Ever wanted to know what it’s like working at a tech company? Consider this a beginner’s guide to tech employee stereotypes.

A successful tech company needs to draw talented people from all kinds of different fields. Beyond writing the code, apps also need a paintjob and a presence (and somebody to crack the whip).

We’ve put together this little infographic to give you a crash course of the types of people you can expect to meet when working for a tech company:

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Tech company employee stereotypes

If you haven’t had a lot of run-in’s with the startup crowd, take this with a (tiny) grain of salt. If you are a tech company employee, you’re probably sitting there, nodding and going “yup, yes.”

By the way, if this looks like the sort of gang you would enjoy rubbing shoulders with, you’re in luck – Toggl’s got a few spare seats. Also, we hire globally, meaning you can work from anywhere in the world!

Head on over to our jobs page, pick a profession you think you could do and take the test. It’s as simple as that.

NB: Toggl is a great time tracking tool for web and software development teams.

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