What’s new in Toggl Track • Q1 2022

In case you missed it, here’s what’s we released for Toggl Track last quarter. The theme: little enhancements with a big impact. Here’s to better focus and better organization! Better focus for individuals and teams Pomodoro mode for iOS users iOS finally got its Pomodoro mode (joining its Pomodoro brethren the Chrome and Firefox browser


Toggl Stands With the People of Ukraine

Like most of you, the news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has hit all of us very hard. The sights of millions suffering and escaping the senseless violence shakes us to the core. But for our team, this war hits closer to home than just watching it on TV. Being a remote-first company, we


Purposeful Open Source at Toggl Track

Toggl Track has long had a number of open source repositories available on GitHub. These range from our public API documentation and various smaller libraries to the full code of our desktop client apps. Unfortunately, due to lack of focus over many years, most of these repositories now range from obscure to unmaintained in their


Toggl Track’s Downtime on April 12

Many of you experienced a slow and unresponsive Toggl Track on Monday, April 12, especially on our web app. Here’s what happened, and what we’re doing to avoid it in the future.


Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday, March 13th, 2021

On Saturday, March 13th, Toggl Track will perform scheduled maintenance beginning at 8 a.m. UTC while we upgrade our storage. During this time, users will be unable to access the web application or their Toggl Track account information.


Announcing Jira Sync: Automatic Data Imports for Jira Users

But we’ve taken the Toggl Track-Jira connection to the next level with our long-awaited Jira Sync. This powerful new feature allows users to automatically import existing Jira data directly into Toggl Track.


Get Your Outlook Calendar in a Snapshot

Toggl Track integrates with tens of the most used tools on the internet. We recently launched Toggl Track’s Outlook Integration.


API Documentation Is Changing Soon

Our API documentation is changing. If you’re a developer or interested in third-party integrations, here’s what you should know.


Introducing the Plan and Track Integration!

This new integration provides an easy way to start and stop timing your tasks from within Toggl Plan, and automatically pass the data through to your Toggl Track workspace.


Announcing Toggl Track for Adobe

As we’ve grown, creative teams have continued to be among our core users. That’s why we are so very excited to announce the launch of Toggl Track plugins for Adobe XD and Photoshop!


An Update on Our New Color Scheme

We received some user feedback that our new palette was making our product less accessible. We want to reassure everyone who reached out that we take this feedback seriously.


The Toggl Manifesto

Toggl’s mission is to help teams work better from anywhere. We believe that all workplaces can and should be flexible, efficient, and stress-free.