Introducing Toggl Track’s New And Improved Project Dashboard

Toggl’s new Project Dashboard lets you compare Project Time estimates with your team’s tracked time, making project manager’s lives easier.


Want to win an Apple Watch?

We are giving away an Apple watch for your thoughts and ideas to launch our new product- Toggl Hire.


Sign Up For Toggl Track’s New Beta Tester Program!

Great news – you’re now able to sign up for Toggl’s brand new beta tester program! You’ll be the first to have access to our freshest releases.


Earn a Tree by Becoming a Planning Master

Every team member needs encouragement when they’re learning new things, even if it’s as simple as Toggl Plan. Today, we released our Achievements program that covers everything users need to know about Toggl Plan– so that you’ll feel as confident using the tool as possible. Our users can now learn to use Toggl Plan’s key


“Hey Siri, start Toggl Track”–Introducing Siri Shortcuts

With the iOS 12 update, Apple made a big improvement with Siri, allowing you to customize it and control a lot of your apps through Siri Shortcuts – and that includes our Toggl app! Here’s what you can expect.


Introducing Our New Summary Report

While better-looking and faster, our new Summary Report page still has the filters and groups you need to quickly analyze your team’s tracked time.


Upgrades to the Toggl Track Premium Plan

Good news Toggl Track Premium users — as of today, you will have access to the complete Toggl Track special feature set! That’s right. You no longer have to choose just one extra feature for your Premium plan.


Introducing our new Toggl Track Android app!

Android Togglers rejoice! After months of hard work, we’re happy to let you know that your new time tracking assistant is now finally ready – the brand new Toggl Track Android app!


Toggl Track Android Beta: It’s here!

UPDATE: Our new Toggl Track Android app is LIVE! An entirely new (but still familiar) way to track your time on–the–go with your Android phone is now here! Get it on Play Store here: ————— EDIT NOTE: This article was about the Beta for our new Android app, but we’ve released it in the meantime.


Notes on Yesterday’s Server Problems

Yesterday we had our second longest unannounced downtime ever, and unlike last time (when our provider’s power network experienced a meltdown), this downtime event was entirely due to a fault of our own. We dropped the ball here, and we’re really sorry.


Q&A with Toggl’s New CEO

It’s been a busy year at Toggl – we saw a complete UI overhaul, a new direction for the mobile apps, the Toggl Master training program and the launch of Toggl Insights, to name a few things.


Get Things Done with the New Toggl Track iOS App

Our goal at Toggl Track is to make time tracking as effortless as possible. Today I am thrilled to introduce you new Toggl Track iOS app — the simplest time tracker to help you get things done.