Toggl Now Works Inside Basecamp & Trello

Toggl Button is a Google Chrome extension that lets you start the Toggl timer inside your favourite webapp. It now supports 11 applications:

TeamWeek, Pivotal Tracker, BasecampGithub, Asana, Unfuddle, Gitlab, TrelloWorksection, Teambox and Podio. Also, it’s an open source project so anybody can contribute to add more services.

For example, in Basecamp, you could start your Toggl timer by just hovering over your to-do item:

Toggl Online Timer Button in Basecamp

Grab your button from the Chrome webstore or view the code on GitHub.

A big thank you to all current contributors (in no particular order): dVelopmentsepehrrubinshmiki131nnproBudgieInWAjbenlinleersateleroxodesign.

December 4, 2013

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A lot of updates in Toggl. Check it out!

Today was another launchday. Here’s what got done: 1. Tags in the Timer Now you can add/remove tags right there in the Timer. Just select them from the dropdown.                   2. New feeds You may have already noticed a few new icons on the dashboard.    


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Toggl now works inside Asana

We have a nifty Chrome extension called the Toggl Button. It creates a little Toggl button inside your favourite webapp (Asana, Pivotal Tracker, Github and Teamweek supported at the moment), and lets you start the timer without switching a page. Feel free to get Toggl Button from Chrome webstore. Edit. Toggl Button is an open-source