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20 Essential Apps Every Digital Nomad Needs in Their Life [Infographic]

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Toggl is a proud remote company with team members in 4 continents and over 10 countries. We work flexibly, set our own results and hours, travel the world while working and still manage to get stuff done.

As travelers and remote workers, we use a set of apps to keep us productive, on track with our team and help plan our travels in the safest, most comfortable way possible. Here are some of the apps we found every digital nomad and remote worker should check out:


When starting your travels, you’ll need Nomadlist for finding the best cities in the world to work remotely from, Teleport to compare the cost of living around the world and Whatsitlike App to figure out the best time to visit a place.

Hitlist app is just the best for discovering flight deals and once you arrive, you’ll need Foursquare and Workfrom to find great places to work. I also love using Pocket on my flights as it allows me get some distraction-free reading done.

Once you’ve found the perfect place, packed your bags and arrived, it’s time to work. Staying productive on the go can be a challenge, this is why you’ll need Trello for keeping up with your team’s workflow, Todoist for staying organized wherever you are and Evernote – to save all those cool new ideas and thoughts you get at a new place. Travel is proven to inspire you and make your brain grow, embrace it fully. For file management, I recommend Dropbox and WeTransfer, you won’t need an external hard disk ever again.

It’s hard to stay connected and thoroughly communicate while being hours away from your team, this is where Slack comes in with its amazing email killer app. We use it rather seriously at Toggl, check out an example here. We also love using Room for instant in-browser video calls.

Finally, there’s a few apps I know I couldn’t live without, Momentum dash that inspires me with each new tab, F.lux that helps me save my eyes, StayFocusd that picks up where willpower fails me and Coffitivity for some non-distracting noise that helps stay productive anywhere.

How do you stay productive on the go? Share some tips and we can include them in one of our future posts.
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