Introducing the Plan and Track Integration!

This new integration provides an easy way to start and stop timing your tasks from within Toggl Plan, and automatically pass the data through to your Toggl Track workspace.


The Future of Remote Work: An Interview With the Founders of Toggl

The ongoing global pandemic has turned the couches, kitchen tables, and, sometimes, the beds of the world into the office space of the future. Remote work appears to be the topic of the year, although it’s far from a new phenomenon.

Modern Work

5 Ways to Increase Workplace Flexibility in 2021

Chances are, this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about the growing need for flexibility in the office. But sometimes it’s hard to know what people mean when they talk about it, if only because workplace flexibility has become something of a buzzword.

Work / Life

Why It’s Good to Be a Jack of All Trades in the Workplace

As a content writer, screenwriter, and journalist who has written everything from personal finance blog posts to fictional time travel stories to climate change reporting, I am most certainly a generalist.

Time Management

5 Online Timers To Track Work Time and Boost Productivity

Online timers provide motivation, accountability, documentation, balance—and vital management data. Whether you manage yourself, work with a team, or lead a group, you can get the most from your efforts by keeping track of your most precious resource—productive time.


Marketing vs. Advertising vs. PR: 3 Key Differences You Need to Know About

When it comes to marketing vs. advertising, it’s challenging to know exactly what the difference is. After all, from public relations to sales to publicity, there are so many different terms that are used interchangeably to describe activities that all contribute to a larger, shared goal.


Introduction to Time Blocking With Toggl Track

What is time blocking and why is it superior to the simple checklist? If you’re already team time blocking, how can you use Toggl Track to make it better?


A Brief History of Work Time [Comic]

There’s nothing wrong with loving your job, but there’s a difference between being professional and being busy for the sake of it.


How to Introduce Yourself to a New Team: 10 Tips for Remote and Co-located Workplaces

This may seem trivial, but as you’ll see in this article, first impressions are extremely important. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 10 tips to help you introduce yourself properly. Keep reading to learn the secrets of a winning introduction.


Announcing Toggl Track for Adobe

As we’ve grown, creative teams have continued to be among our core users. That’s why we are so very excited to announce the launch of Toggl Track plugins for Adobe XD and Photoshop!


My Attention Span Was Less Than 5 Minutes. This Is How Time Tracking Helped

Here’s a secret for you: I love email inbox folders. I know they’ve been proven multiple times to be useless. I know putting every email I receive into topic-based folders is a massive waste of time. I still do it.

Work / Life

What’s So Bad About a Mental Health Slack Channel at Work? 

I was an indecisive twenty-something graduate when I got my first job working at a trendy London startup. During onboarding, I was introduced to yummy office snacks, the biggest coffee machine I had ever seen, and benefits which included a monthly Deliveroo allowance and a subscription to Headspace.