Toggl Hire - Video Intros vs Traditional One-Way Video Interviews
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Toggl Hire’s Video Intros vs. Traditional One-Way Video Interviews

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Here at Toggl Hire, we’ve got some exciting news. Following a number of customer requests and a few months of hard work, we’re launching a new feature – Video Intros. We’re really excited about launching Video Intros, a feature that provides a unique alternative to traditional one-way video interviews. 

In this article, we’re going to give you the full rundown on Video Intros. We’ll start by walking through traditional one-way video interviews before showing off how Video Intros work and how they’re different better!

Let’s get started. 

What Are One-Way Video Interviews?

While one-way interviews aren’t a new thing, they’ve become more and more popular with the rise of remote working, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A one-way interview allows candidates to record responses to predefined questions from recruiters. Typically these questions will appear on screen as text, and candidates will record their answers via the camera on their computer or smartphone.

One-way interviews are often used in the middle of the recruitment process instead of traditional telephone/screener interviews. For recruiters, it allows them to test a candidate’s communication and presentation skills without having to dedicate time to a live interview. With a single link, it also means recruiters can share a one-way video interview request with multiple candidates, saving time and effort. 

One way video interviews

One-way interviews aren’t without their drawbacks, though. For some recruiters, video interviews are still used too late in the recruitment process as un-skilled candidates make it through the application phase. This is especially true for customer-facing roles, where application processes are too rigid to accurately test soft skills.

For candidates, one-way interviews are a very impersonal experience. Creating an engaging and personable video from just a question on a screen is hard and doesn’t allow the candidate to connect with the company they’re applying to. Furthermore, some candidates have even shared that they find the process rude and disrespectful, as it puts the candidates on the spot without giving them anything back to assess whether the company is the right fit for them.  

Introducing Toggl Hire Video Intros

Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve created a way for recruiters and candidates to get to know each other from the very beginning of the application process – in a way that is fun and engaging for both sides.

No more stale resumes, no more one-dimensional application forms. With Video Intros, recruiters have the platform to introduce their organization’s brand, values and culture right from the job ad. In return, candidates can create the perfect first impression in a dynamic, engaging and vibrant way within their initial application.

Video Intros aren’t one-way video interviews, they’re an opportunity for recruiters and candidates to instantly determine if they’re a great match! 

Here’s what Video Intros deliver to candidates and recruiters:

For Candidates: 

  • Allows candidates to showcase their soft skills as part of their initial application.
  • Provides a more engaging and personable way to apply for a role.
  • Provides candidates with a vibrant introduction to the company before applying.
  • Helps candidates reduce the interview anxiety with optional video retakes.

For Recruiters:

  • Allows recruiters to assess the soft skills of candidates at the application stage.
  • Empowers recruiters to run multiple asynchronous video interviews at the same time – without losing the human touch.
  • Provides a better candidate experience to enhance the employer brand.
  • Helps filter out candidates who may not be a cultural fit.
  • Increases decision confidence, helping recruiters to take forward candidates with the right skills needed for the role.

Interested? Let us show you how they work…

How Do Video Intros Work? – Setting Up 

It all starts inside the dashboard for the role you’re hiring for. Head over to the ‘Video Test’ tab and turn on the setting to get started. 

Once activated, it’s time to configure your Video Intro. Of course, it all starts with you. Within the ‘General’ sub-tab, you can record your introduction video. This is where you tell your candidates all about you, your company and the role they’re applying for. 

Now it’s time to get your Video Intro questions configured. Choose your candidate questions from our question library, or create a bespoke question for your role. You can set multiple questions as well as time limits to keep answers concise. 

And now the finishing touches! With Toggl Hire, you can manage the end-to-end candidate experience by designing unique landing pages and end screens for your Video Intros. 

How Do Video Intros Work? – Inviting Candidates

Now that your Video Intros are all set up, it’s time to start inviting candidates. The great news is that it’s super easy to do straight from your Toggl Hire dashboard. Simply find the candidate(s) you want to progress with and invite them to take the video test.

How Do Video Intros Work? – The Candidate Experience

Upon receiving your Video Intro link, candidates will be taken straight to your beautifully designed Video Intro landing page. 

From here, they can progress into the Video Intro itself and start by watching your welcome message. 

Now it’s time for your candidates to move onto the business part of the Video Intro, recording their answers! Using their device’s camera and microphone, candidates can record answers to your questions, with the ability to practice and re-record until they’ve nailed the perfect response.

Once candidates are ready, they can submit their Video Intro responses back to you, ready for review. 

How Do Video Intros Work? – Reviewing Candidates

And for the final step, it’s time to complete the process and review your candidate’s Video Intros. You’ll see all your candidate’s responses and will be able to provide instant feedback directly from the Toggl Hire dashboard. 

Toggl Hire Video Intros vs One Way Video Interviews

At Toggl Hire, we haven’t just created a new video interview feature but a way for candidates and recruiters to instantly get to know each other. 

Here’s a comparison table for Video Intros vs One-Way Video Interviews:

Toggl Hire Video IntrosOne-Way Video Interviews
PurposeCreates an engaging way for candidates and recruiters to get introduced at the application stage.Replaces an early-stage/telephone interview.
Recording DurationLasts no longer than 10 minutes (typically 2-3 questions).Lasts 30+ minutes (similar to a video interview).
2-Way EngagementRecruiters must upload a video introducing the company, the culture and the role itself.Organizations rarely upload videos, leaving the candidates feeling vulnerable and disengaged.
Candidate ExperienceFriendly user interface and unlimited re-records mean candidates are empowered to put their best foot forward.An intimidating experience means candidates often struggle to express themselves.
Candidate FeedbackThrough Toggl Hire, recruiters are encouraged to give feedback to every candidate.Often receive a standard rejection that’s generic and de-motivating.
2-Way ExperienceCandidates get a flavour of the organization, allowing them to understand if the role is truly for them.Candidates get nothing to work with from the employer. Candidates can’t decide if the organization matches them.
Role TypesSpecialized for customer-facing roles where communication skills are essential (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Customer Success).Used for a range of job roles with no specialism. 


At Toggl Hire, we’re super excited to launch Video Intros. Traditional one-way video interviews are flawed and don’t give recruiters a true insight into a candidate’s soft skills until they’re further into the recruitment process. Plus, they’re very unpopular with candidates, sometimes even putting them off applying for a role altogether.

With Video Intros, both recruiters and candidates can get to know each other right from the beginning of the application process. It’s easy for recruiters to record a dynamic introduction to the company and the role for candidates to feed off of. 

From here, a smooth and engaging user experience means candidates are empowered to put their best foot forward. It’s a win-win for both sides, with the best candidates able to showcase their skills, making it easy for recruiters to take the right people forward to interview and hire! 

James Elliott

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