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Turn On to Productivity

Toggl shows you where your time goes, so you can focus on the work that matters

Hassle-free Time Tracking

If only all your tasks were as easy as tracking time with Toggl

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Toggl Desktop Autotracker

Track 'Scheduling'?

Reminder from Toggl Desktop

Don't forget to track your time!

Toggl Desktop
You have been idle since 9:32:10
(2 hours 12 minutes)
Keep idle timeDiscard idle timeDiscard idle and continueAdd idle time as a new time entry
Toggl Desktop
What are you working on?
Client Meetings
Web DesignSky Blue Co.
Timeline Planning
Content MarketingLime Su...
Friday, 08 June
Interview: Junior Marketing
Standup Meeting
Blog RedesignClieo Intera...

Simple Tracking

The Toggl Button browser extension lets you track your time with a single click.

Idle Detection

Forgot to stop your timer? The Toggl Desktop apps will let you decide if you want to scrap the time, add it up or turn it into a separate entry.

Tracking Reminders

It’s easy to forget to track your time. The desktop apps and browser extensions let you choose when you want us to remind you, and when you want us to zip it.

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Toggl Works Where You Do

You’re not chained to your desk. Toggl iOS and Android apps make it easy to track your work hours when you’re moving about.

Mobile Screenshot
Working on these?
Timeline Planning
Content MarketingLime Surfer Pte Ltd.
Interview: Junior Marketing
Client Meetings
Web DesignSky Blue Co.
Client Meetings
Web DesignSky Blue Co.
Rebranding (Client: Tree&Tres)
Sales PitchesAdmin
Standup Meeting
Blog RedesignClieo Interactive

Real-Time Data Sync

Start your timer on your phone, stop it in your browser. Toggl keeps your time tracking data synced between all your devices.

Calendar Integration

You shouldn’t type the same stuff twice. You can set up a calendar integration, and get your calendar events added as time entries instantly.

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Reclaim Your Time

How much time do you spend on those "Can you just…" requests?

Toggl Report Screenshot

Summary Report

  • Pickle Labs
    12,790 USD
    UI Design: Sketch
    8,910 USD
    Can you just get to this email?
    265 USD
    1,350 USD
    UX Research
    1,365 USD
    Can you just make a quick change?
    900 USD

Flexible Reporting

Break down your data by time entries, projects or clients. Or use the dashboard to get a real-time look at how your week is going.

Find Hidden Costs

Small tasks can add up to big time sinks. Toggl helps you keep track of everything, so you know exactly which tasks are costing you time and money.

Meeting and Calculator

“I use it for every possible task, not just client work. When I am working on location, I use the mobile app. I use the Toggl desktop app on a daily basis, and it gives me insight. I feel more in control and more productive since I use Toggl.”

User Review from GetApp

“We use Toggl to manage the amount of time we expend on tasks and projects. It is amongst the most intuitive applications I have used. Everyone in my organization picked this up in minutes.”

User Review from Capterra

“It is inexpensive, has good reporting and is extremely easy to use. Toggl offers the ability to create clients and projects while maintaining simplicity. It provides an excellent value.”

User Review from GetApp