32 Terrible Ways to Deal with Life and Stress

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Character in a burrito blanket

Dealing with Bills

Dealing with Bills Comic

Dealing with Deadlines

Dealing with Deadlines Comic

Waking Up

Waking Up Comic

Clearing the Inbox

Clearing the Inbox Comic

Answering Phone Calls

Answering Phone Calls Comic

Handling Interruptions

Handling Interruptions Comic

Monday Mornings

Monday Mornings Comic

Vacation Hacking

Vacation Hacking Comic

Avoiding Office Parties

Avoiding Office Parties Comic

Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party Comic

Handling Money

Handling Money Comic

Time Management

Time Management Comic

Managing Stress

Managing Stress Comic

Working From Home with Kids

Working From Home with Kids Comic

Working From Home

Working From Home Comic


Procrastinating Comic

Life of A Freelancer

Life of A Freelancer Comic

Solving Problems

Solving Problems Comic

Motivational Boss

Motivational Boss Comic

Urgent Work

Urgent Work Comic

Weekend Depression

Weekend Depression Comic

Long Hours

Long Hours Comic

Avoiding Conflict

Avoiding Conflict Comic

Dealing with Hangovers

Dealing with Hangovers Comic

Handling Loneliness

Handling Loneliness Comic

Handling Difficult Conversations

Handling Difficult Conversations Comic

Passive Agressive Emails

Passive Agressive Emails Comic


Socializing Comic

Facing Bugs

Facing Bugs Comic

Frenemy Gets A Promotion

Frenemy Gets A Promotion Comic

Meetings Without Agenda

Meetings Without Agenda Comic

Handling Client Feedback

Handling Client Feedback Comic