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Our full-cycle hiring platform makes it easy for you to deliver an exceptional candidate experience while boosting your recruitment efficiency and quality.

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Old-school hiring meets new-age automation

Make hiring decisions smarter and faster

Use our optimized job description templates to captivate candidates. Keep track of them with a full talent pipeline that you can customize however you need.

“Simple user interface with all relevant functionalities and features.”

Vishesh, Hiring Manager

Feel confident about your hiring decisions

Quickly build hiring pipelines and automate tasks to improve communication, ensuring a streamlined and professional hiring experience from start to finish.

“The ability to easily shortlist candidates and provide instant feedback is amazing.”

Management Consultant

Simplify the path to great hires

Quickly build hiring pipelines and automate tasks to improve communication, ensuring a streamlined and professional hiring experience from start to finish.

“Really easy and innovative way to gather talent contacts and meanwhile separate the best ones!”

Steve, Small Business Owner

Do I need to be a
hiring manager
business owner
tech-savvy person
to use Toggl Hire?

Someone with zero
hiring experience

Nope! We’ve made Toggl Hire so easy to use, anyone can achieve these results.

Built for recruitment professionals but simple enough for anybody to manage, Toggl Hire combines key recruitment features and automation for a data-driven, best practice hiring cycle candidates crave.

Teams that use Toggl HIRE see:

86% reduced time to hire

with expert-created skills tests and automatic pass filters

10x more qualified candidates

applying to jobs due to a standout candidate experience

93% predictive hiring confidence

by using our ready-made hiring frameworks to filter our poor candidates

Full-cycle hiring that finally feels effortless

Experience the comfort of traditional hiring with a boost of modern efficiency through our data-driven tools, designed to provide a superior candidate experience all while optimizing your time and costs.


It’s never been easier to organize candidates


Streamlined screening backed by data


Smart automations, swift hiring

Hiring so smooth it’s

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A stand-out candidate experience

4 out of 5 candidates love Toggl Hire. Our skills-focused assessments and other candidate-first features engage applicants while helping you elevate your employer brand.

With Toggl Hire, providing an exceptional candidate experience has never been easier—and your future employees are noticing.

Transforming science-backed data into real hiring insights

Our hiring platform is reshaping recruitment by turning complex data into straightforward, actionable insights. We analyze candidate responses for you to generate comprehensive visuals and summaries, pinpointing exactly where a candidate shines or needs development.

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