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What do they like the most about the experience?

Test is preferred over a resume


"I like that I’m able to show my skills instead of just convincing the hiring manager."


"Honestly I still can't believe I'm submitting a job application without attaching a resume."


"It was fun and a refreshing change from the usual job application process."


"It was nice to be considered based on my knowledge rather than years of experience."

Instant feedback


“It's nice to apply for a company that values my time enough to give me instant feedback.”


“I like that I know where I stand immediately after taking the test.”


“Getting instant feedback takes the sting out of waiting for a result.”


“I like that I know which skills I need to improve so I can practice and get better.”

Test questions


"I like that the questions gave me an idea of what to expect in the role.”


"It's fast, and the test questions are hard. It's inspired me to keep learning about my craft!”


"The test was thorough with questions from different aspects of the role.”


"The test questions are great and challenging for me.”

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