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Hiring teams need less work and more candidate insights. See why companies choose Toggl Hire vs. TestGorilla to streamline skills-based hiring.

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Toggl Hire – the TestGorilla alternative for hiring fast but well

Toggl Hire is a full-cycle recruitment software purpose-built for skills-based hiring. With our candidate-centric approach to skills assessments, most companies find they can easily balance speed of hiring with a stellar candidate experience.

Skills-based hiring, not just skills testing

Toggl Hire gives you all the core ATS capabilities like candidate status tracking, visual pipeline, next-step automations, email inbox, team collaboration, user rights...you get it. Alongside a powerful pre-employment testing engine to screen and verify candidates’ job-relevant skills.

Test your way with full customization

Predicting future job performance is no small feat, but with our 250+ fully customizable assessment templates, you never have to start from scratch.

With Toggl Hire, you can pick any relevant template and tailor it to your specific job requirements by adding custom questions or pulling from our question bank. Customize with context to roll out tests in minutes!

Short and sweet is all you need

Want to create a recruitment experience that candidates rave about? Then don’t subject them to NASA-level testing. When administered correctly, skills assessments can be effective and fun—not exhausting.
Test what matters, when it matters.

Furthermore, our tests are designed to be staggered across the hiring funnel. So, you get proof of competence without wasting candidates’ time. A win-win for everyone.

Anti-cheating, but not anti-privacy 👀

The integrity of test results is a priority for us at Toggl Hire. But it doesn't come at the cost of candidate privacy. Avoid crossing the line with aggressive proctoring measures like camera snapshots. Shortlist candidates on their ability to do the job, not on their decision to enable webcam recordings.

Offer applicants the experience they'll love and build trust from the get-go – all while preventing cheeky behavior.

Boring pricing: no catch, no surprises

There’s no trap waiting for you after the upgrade. In fact, we give you access to all test types even on the free plan.

Our pricing is fully transparent and built to serve companies of all sizes. Start small, see what works for you, then scale on your own terms. We’re not here to lock you in; we’d rather see you fall in love with us.

Your private database of qualified talent

Toggl Hire automatically saves all your past test takers to a private candidate database. Whether it’s the departure of a top employee or a hard-to-fill role you’re dealing with, it’s easier to hire fast when you have a pool of pre-qualified talent right at your fingertips.

Easily search your talent pool by skill, location or role to find perfect-match candidates in seconds.

Why do companies love Toggl Hire?

Subscription that pauses when you do

We understand you might not be hiring all the time. That's why we offer an alternative. Pause your subscription for up to 6 months without losing any data. And resume hiring whenever you’re ready.

Super responsive customer support

We are there when you need help. From instant chat support to personal product trainings, our customer service will help you get set-up and hiring in no time. A little hand-holding never hurt nobody.

Constantly evolving test library

Our tests are created and peer-reviewed by industry’s top practitioners. And we’re committed to expanding our high-quality, non-googleable question library with new tests to keep up with industry trends.

Multiple test formats available on all plans

Toggl Hire supports various test formats, including quiz-like assessments, pre-recorded video interviews and long-form homework assignments. Plus, we give you the option to build custom tests on all plans.

Candidate happiness rate at 80%

Struggling with test completion rates? You don’t need to worry about that with Toggl Hire! 80% of candidates enjoy the ‘skills over resumes’ experience because it’s fast, fair and transparent.

Anti-cheating tracking, 
including AI detection

Our cheat-proof testing engine gives you reliable insights into candidates’ on-the-job abilities. From browser fingerprinting to detecting AI use, we ensure test integrity while offering a great test experience.

We are biased, but they are not

We’ve been able to quickly and efficiently verify candidates’ knowledge on their own time – we have tested approximately 170 candidates and saved over 320 hours in candidate screening.
Andrin Product Lead
Miriam Fries
Talent Acquisition Manager
Out of the 12 developers we’ve hired, most weren’t actively looking for a job. They just went into the test thinking all they have to lose is a few minutes of their time.
Andrin Product Lead
Product Lead
We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can’t keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.
HR Manager
It’s nice to compare candidates’ performance in the Toggl Hire skills test with their performance during the interview process. It helps to make better and more confident hiring decisions.
Fatima Recruiter
Toggl Hire’s quality exceeds the quality of other tools on the market at a very competitive and attractive price point. We highly recommend the solution to tech recruiters.
Alexis Proxify
Head of Talent Acquisition
Flatworld’s business is to find great remote talent for companies. We’ve been using Toggl Hire for 2+ years. It’s easy and helps us perform a quick and effective top-of-the-funnel filtering while keeping a great Candidate Experience.
Gilad Flatworld
Co-founder & CEO

20,000+ test questions to assess any skill, at any level

Candidate evaluation used to be a tricky, time-consuming process. But now you can create a job-specific skills test simply by pulling questions from our library.
Stop guessing and start assessing!

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Sales Presentation
Salesforce Management
Attention to Details
Attention to Details - Visual
Calendar Management
Oracle DB
Machine Learning
Critical Thinking
Google Calendar Management
Leadership & Management
MS Word
Notion App Management
Problem Solving
Unix-Like OS
SQL Server
React Native
QA Engineer Testing
Python - Django
Remote Work
Research Skills
Time Management
Accounting Functions and Operations
Budgeting Processes
Evaluating and Managing Risk
Email Marketing
Community Management
Affiliate Marketing
Wordpress Development
Financial Data
Financial Reports
Financial Transactions
Income Statement and Balance Sheet
Internal Controls
Microsoft Excel
Strategic Marketing
Social Media
Search Engines
Product Marketing
On-Page SEO
Link Building
Keyword Research and Tarketing
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Google Ads
General Marketing
Facebook Ads
Budgeting for Project Managers
Graphic Design
Hardware Product Development
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Extensive peer-review process
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Get to know Toggl Hire - Q&A

I am looking for TestGorilla alternatives; how is Toggl Hire better?

The main difference between Toggl Hire and TestGorilla is that while TestGorilla is built primarily for candidate assessment, Toggl Hire is a skills-forward full-cycle recruitment software. This means that while Toggl Hire features a comprehensive library of ready-made job templates stacked with questions that assess technical and soft skills, we also offer other applicant tracking software features like a hiring pipeline, candidate management, and more. Hiring managers, too, agree with us. Toggl Hire is well-loved within SMBs and Human Resources teams, with a 4.9 rating on Capterra, while TestGorilla's is at 4.2. Read how Toggl Hire is better, in detail, here.

How does Toggl Hire serve to the candidate selection process?

Whether you're hiring software developers, software engineers, or digital marketers, we provide a job-specific visual hiring pipeline where you can get proof of competence at every phase. Our hiring pipeline comes with ATS capabilities and is customizable; you can add your hiring funnel stages, like "interview," "hire," or "onboarding". You can attach different assessments to your steps, like a custom test for qualifying questions, skills tests, code challenges, video intros, and homework assignments.

How do customers use Toggl Hire's hiring pipeline?

Our customers tend to hire for several positions simultaneously. They start with creating a job by selecting a template from our library. Once they customize it to reflect their company's needs, they share it via the preferred channels or bulk invite candidates via email. They love to replace resume screening with pre-employment skills tests for a data-driven, fair and fast top-of-the-funnel. When they have a shortlist of qualified candidates, they move their candidates to the next step to run video intros. They use video interviews as an alternative to phone screening. Thanks to this switch, they have more time to conduct interviews with talent who are both technical and cultural fit. They then use homework assignments to dive deep into their finalists' practical skills, see competence from various aspects, and make confident hiring decisions.

How does Toggl Hire's automated screening work?

Toggl Hire has an extensive expert-created question library of 20,000+ questions to assess your candidates based on their technical skills, like coding skills, and soft skills, like cognitive ability and emotional intelligence, for the role. When you set up your online tests, whether using a template or creating your own custom one, and share it via test invite, our automated grading comes into play. Toggl Hire instantly grades and ranks your applicants based on their responses to smart questions, a unique key feature of our platform. Smart questions, due to their objective nature, help eliminate bias from the assessment process.

How does Toggl Hire's automated shortlisting work?

When creating your pre-employment assessments, you can choose to set a pass score threshold, and the system will automatically reject applicants who don't have the skillset for the job. This way, you will have a qualified shortlist and more time for high performers. Don't worry; positive candidate experience is our thing. Applicants with skills testing ranking under the threshold will get instant feedback on their pre-employment testing results.

I don't want to scroll down through to see candidates' grades. Do you have filters?

Yes. We want every step of your hiring process to work for you. Your hiring pipeline comes with multiple filters. You can filter and rank your candidates on their scores, tags, notes, and stars. While we'll give you suggestions, you can edit the score filter with the percentage of your choice. You can also add tags and use them to filter your candidates.

Can I create my own open-ended questions with Toggl Hire?

Yes. Our question library features a wide range of formats for hiring managers: multiple choice, single-choice, numerical, image, coding, and free text. Free text questions are meant for open-ended questions, like writing, problem-solving, or assessing cultural fit. You can also use them as qualifying questions. While you can instantly see your candidates' grading on smart questions, free-text responses will need manual evaluation to affect the total grading.

Is Toggl Hire more affordable than TestGorilla?

Both Toggl Hire and TestGorilla offer free plans. Toggl Hire's starter plan is $17/month, includes 3 active jobs, and there's no limit on candidate submissions/test completions. With our Basic plan, you can add up to 5 different assessments to each job and see the full test results of 20 candidates. You can also create your own custom tests. In comparison, TestGorilla offers an 'always free' plan that includes 5 free tests and 5 custom questions. Their cheapest paid plan starts at $75/month (pricing based on the size of your company). See our pricing in detail, here.

Can I try Toggl Hire for free?

Yes. You can sign up for Toggl Hire free, try our hiring pipeline and pre-employment tests, and start hiring talent—no credit card required! Start free, here.

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