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Don't do all the work for Vervoe's machine learning to work. Choose Toggl Hire, the painless way to hire the right person. Get proof of competence with our skills assessments, tailored for all stages of your recruitment process. Confidently select the right person for the job. Build winning teams while saving time, money, and effort.

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Toggl Hire – the Vervoe alternative for teams that want all the capabilities

Toggl Hire is a skills assessment software that gives hiring teams incredible insight into candidates' job-specific skills, making selecting the right talent effortless. Unlike Vervoe's top-of-the-funnel approach, Toggl Hire ensures your new hires have the skills required for the job with different assessments tailored toward all the stages of your recruitment funnel.

With our library of ready-made templates, automatically screen and shortlist quality candidates on technical and soft skills for any role, scale discovery calls with video interviews, asynchronously get to know your shortlist, and run take-home assignments with your finalists. Spot and hire top talent 3x faster.

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Maximum value, minimal effort

Yes, Vervoe uses machine learning to grade candidates. The catch? You must train the AI, manually grade the questions, and continuously feed answers to Vervoe's system. In comparison, Toggl Hire's AI does all the work for you.

Test candidates in a matter of minutes. Fast track top talent without bias. Find the right candidate without breaking a sweat. Shortlist candidates with Toggl Hire, a Vervoe alternative loved by talent acquisition teams and HR professionals.

A unique platform that has it all

We help you simplify things so you can farewell time consuming tool switching. With Toggl Hire, all the capabilities you might need - neatly in one place.

Select a job from 100+ ready-made templates, map your recruitment process with our visual hiring pipeline, and stack job-specific online assessments, including personality tests and technical interviews. Communicate with the team, and optimize your hiring pipeline with analytics. Screen, assess, shortlist and hire from one place like a walk in the park.

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Test candidates on any skill or role

Screen particular skills or mix-match questions to create the perfect assessment. Create your custom tests within seconds. Add from an extensive library of 15,000+ questions created by leading industry experts. Or, simply create your own by choosing the question type that suits you.

Customize the job title, test time and difficulty, anti-cheating features, and landing page to match your needs. Toggl Hire is a customizable recruiting software where assessing and hiring talent comes with flexibility.

Full-funnel, like the hiring process should be

Top-of-the-funnel skills tests are cool, but you know what's cooler? Different skill assessments tailored to address all stages of your candidate selection process. Start with a skills test, and let it act as a quality filter. Poor-fit candidates are automatically rejected, giving you more time to focus on high-performers.

Scale the unscalable discovery calls with a video interview. Find the right candidate for the job with homework assignments. Create diverse teams while reducing your hiring time with a lean, clean hiring machine.

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Most affordable all-in-one solution

A hiring platform created to prevent mis-hires shouldn't cost you as much as mis-hires cost you. Discover our skills assessment platform that combines powerful applicant tracking system capabilities with laser-focused skills testing in one place.

No enterprise sales calls, no catch, no surprises. Start with our free plan and explore skills-based hiring, starting from $17/ month. With Toggl Hire's many advanced features, anyone can create skill tests, be a hiring pro and build high-performing teams.

Toggl Hire is the only skill testing software that replaces all

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Subscription that pauses when you do

Pause your subscription for up to 6 months while keeping all data, from your vetted talent pool to pre-employment tests to different assessments. When you are ready to hire again, restore your subscription and continue where you left off in transforming your hiring process for the better.

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It's not just talent assessments

It's hiring funnels for spotting and hiring top talent. Don't let qualified candidates fall through the cracks. Manage your hiring funnel and stay organized through every step of the process. Toggl Hire's intelligent hiring platform provides incredible insights and advanced reporting to better your recruiting process at every stage.

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Makes hiring a team sport

Toggl Hire is where recruiters and hiring managers sync. Scorecards with comparable data help you close the knowledge gap and make informed hiring decisions as a team. Bring your hiring team together to collaborate, share feedback and review your candidates in one centralized place, thanks to our user-friendly interface.

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Designed with candidates in mind

Treat job seekers like customers with Toggl Hire. Avoid candidate ghosting, boost employer branding and secure top talent. Candidates get instant access to the test results. Schedule and automate your emails every step of the process. Cherry on top, 4 out of 5 candidates love Toggl Hire.❤️

If you're still not convinced, here is a Toggl Hire vs. Vervoe comparison matrix

Free plan
Paid plans
From $19/month, billed annually.
Visual hiring pipeline
Vetted candidate pool
Automated screening
2-click Job creation
Homework assignments (coming soon)
Hiring pipeline analytics
Job-specific templates
Custom test creation
Team collaboration
Candidate scorecards
Integration with ATS
Public API
Matrix updated in 2022, for inquiries, please get in touch with us at support@hire.toggl.com

We are biased, they are not

Out of the 12 developers we’ve hired, most weren’t actively looking for a job. They just went into the test thinking all they have to lose is a few minutes of their time.
Andrin Toggl Track
Product Lead
We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can’t keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.
Triinu Monese
HR Manager
It’s nice to compare candidates’ performance in the Toggl Hire skills test with their performance during the interview process. It helps to make better and more confident hiring decisions.
Fatima Producement
Toggl Hire’s quality exceeds the quality of other tools on the market at a very competitive and attractive price point. We highly recommend the solution to tech recruiters.
Alexis Proxify
Head of Talent Acquisition
Flatworld’s business is to find great remote talent for companies. We’ve been using Toggl Hire for 2+ years. It’s easy and helps us perform a quick and effective top-of-the-funnel filtering while keeping a great Candidate Experience.
Gilad Flatworld
Co-founder & CEO
I knew that if I look at resumes, I will unintentionally start judging candidates by certain characteristics. Toggl Hire helped us assess candidates as objectively as possible.
Emil Listonic
International Head of Sales

Create your skills-first hiring flow in 3 simple steps

smart test cards

Select a Job template from our library

Pick roles from development, sales, marketing, customer support, and more.

skills being tested and sample question

Arrange skills assessments in a visual pipeline

Map out your hiring stages visually and attach relevant tests.

sharing a skills test online

Share your Job with the world

Post a link to your skills test on job boards, social media, or your careers page.

Start with a job template,
customize it to perfection



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Problem Solving




Working Remotely


Time Management


Create a
custom test

Get started

JavaScript Developer


Frontend Developer


Digital Marketer


Customer Support


Sales Representative


React Developer


Graphic Designer


Create a
custom job

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Get to know Toggl Hire - Q&A

I am looking for Vervoe alternatives; how is Toggl Hire better?

If you are looking for Vervoe alternatives or pre-employment testing software alternatives, Toggl Hire is for you. The main difference between Toggl Hire and Vervoe is that while Vervoe is built for top-of-the-funnel candidate screening, Toggl Hire addresses all stages of the candidate selection process. In addition, Toggl Hire does not need you to train the machine learning to automatically grade applicants. Our AI does all the work for you. Reviewers, too, agree with us. Toggl Hire is well-loved within SMBs and hiring teams, with a 4.9 rating on Capterra, while Vervoe's is at 4.5. Read how Toggl Hire is better, in detail, here.

How does Toggl Hire serve to the candidate selection process?

We provide a job-specific visual hiring pipeline where you can get proof of competence at every step. Our lean and clean hiring pipeline comes with ATS capabilities and is customizable; you can add your recruitment funnel steps, like "interview," "hire," or "onboarding." You can attach different assessments, like skills tests, video intros, and homework assignments, to your steps.

How do customers use Toggl Hire's hiring pipeline?

Our customers tend to hire for several positions simultaneously. They start with creating a role by selecting a template from our library. Once they customize it to perfection, they share it via the preferred channels or bulk invite candidates via email. They love to replace CV screening with skills tests for a data-driven, fair and fast top-of-the-funnel. When they have a shortlist, they move their candidates to the next step to conduct video intros. They use video interviews as an alternative to discovery calls to have more time to conduct online interviews with talent who are both technical and cultural fit. They then use take-home assignments at the end of the process to see finalists' skills in action and make confident hiring decisions.

How does Toggl Hire's automated screening work?

Toggl Hire has an extensive expert-created question library of 15,000+ questions to assess your candidates based on their technical and soft skills for the job. When you set up your test, whether using a template or creating your own custom one, and share it with the world, our automated grading comes into play. Toggl Hire instantly grades your applicants based on their responses to smart questions, a unique feature of our platform. Smart questions, due to their objective nature, help eliminate bias from the screening process.

How does Toggl Hire's automated shortlisting work?

When creating your test, you can choose to set a pass score threshold, and the system will automatically reject applicants who don't have the skillset for the job. This way, you will have a qualified shortlist and more time for high performers. Don't worry; positive candidate experience is our forte. Applicants with a ranking under the threshold will get instant feedback on their test results.

I don't want to scroll down through to see candidates' grades. Do you have filters?

Yes. We want to make every step effortless for you. Your hiring pipeline comes with multiple filters. You can filter and rank your candidates on their scores, tags, notes, and stars. While we'll give you suggestions, you can edit the score filter with the percentage of your choice. You can also add tags and use them to filter your candidates.

Can I create my own open-ended questions with Toggl Hire?

Yes. Our question library has various formats: multi-choice, single-choice, numerical, image, coding, free text, and more. Free text questions are meant for open-ended questions, like writing, problem-solving, or assessing cultural fit. You can also use them as qualifying questions. While you can instantly see your candidates' grading on smart questions, free-text responses will need manual evaluation to affect the total grading.

Is Toggl Hire more affordable than Vervoe?

Yes. Toggl Hire's starter plan, Basic $17/month, includes 3 active jobs, and there's no limit on candidate submissions/ test completions. With our Basic plan, you can add up to 5 different assessments to each job and see the full test results of 20 candidates. In comparison, Vervoe's starter plan Pay&Go $19/month, only includes 1 assessment and has a limit of 100 candidate credits, a total number of candidate submissions, or completions on your assessment. See our pricing in detail, here.

Can I try Toggl Hire for free?

Yes. You can sign up for Toggl Hire free and get to know the platform at your convenience; no credit card is required. Start free, here.

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