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Unbiased Hiring

Popular shopping list app Listonic needed a better and faster way to get an objective view of candidates’ competence and job fit. With our help, they were able to remove the unconscious bias that sometimes comes from Linkedin profiles and resumes, and make an unbiased hire for a remote position faster. Here’s how they did it.

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The Challenge

Resumes and social profiles can be misleading

Listonic, like many other companies, hired by inviting candidates with good-looking resumes to interview. However, this usually led to subpar interviews and wasted time as candidates lacked the required skills for the job despite looking good on paper.

This made Listonic rethink their hiring process and look for better ways to pre-screen candidates, especially when hiring for their first remote role.

They needed a tool that would give them an objective view of their candidate’s skills as fast as possible.

Kamil at listonic sharing success story on Toggl Hire
Emil Krzeminski
Head of Int'l Sales at Listonic
“For many roles, attitude and skills matters more than education or previous experience. Toggl Hire helped us quickly test those things before even talking to candidates. This greatly improved our process and made us confident that we always chose the best person for the job.”

The Solution

When hiring, Emil Krzeminski, Head of International Sales at Listonic, turned to us to help him:

  • Reach international candidates from around the world with a small budget
  • Get a good understanding of candidates’ job skills, attitude, communication style, and their fit for a remote position
  • Do it all as fast and easy as possible without any help from an HR person

We helped him create his customized skills test and launch it across different social media platforms and job boards.

3 weeks after publishing, Listonic had a list of qualified candidates to contact. Those who fit Emil's criteria were invited to interview. All other applicants were automatically rejected.

screenshot of Listonic candidate view on Toggl Hire
Fast Screening: We help you screen candidates faster than ever, and identify the best talent in an instant.

The Results

For Listonic, the biggest value of Toggl Hire was the increase in confidence and objectivity around the hiring decision. Thanks to the Toggl Hire skills test, Emil didn’t need to look at candidates resumes and LinkedIn profiles at all.

Another positive thing that Emil noticed was that the job interviews became a lot more productive. Since the screening test had already given him a good overview of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, he didn’t need to focus on that during the interview. Instead, he could use the interview time to talk about the day-to-day work, expectations for the position etc.

screenshot of Listonic traffic sources report on Toggl Hire
Candidate analytics: Our candidate funnel gives you a simple overview of how many applicants you have and how well they do on the test on an aggregate level.
Kamil at listonic sharing success story on Toggl Hire
Emil Krzeminski
Head of Int'l Sales at Listonic
“I knew that if I look at resumes, I will unintentionally start judging candidates by certain characteristics. Toggl Hire's screening tests helped us assess candidates objectively and focus only on the most qualified ones.”

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