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Software and product development company Mooncascade wanted to make their first candidate selection step more efficient. By replacing resumes with our skills tests, they managed to narrow down 246 candidates to the top 6 in half a day. Here's how they did it.

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The Challenge

Initial candidate screening was going too slowly

Mooncascade wanted to make their initial candidate selection as fast and objective. They were holding too many interviews with under-qualified candidates and quickly realised resumes don't tell the whole story.

They needed a solution that would enable them to pick out the cream of the crop very quickly.

Anu Einberg CEO at Mooncascade
Anu Einberg
CEO at Mooncascade
“A Product Lead from company X can have a lot more experience and be more skilled than a candidate with the same job title from company Y. All this makes the initial selection based on resumes misleading and slow.”

The Solution

Mooncascade used our skills tests to hire their Product Manager. They set up a test that would instantly show who had the right skills for the job.

They shared the test on Linkedin & Facebook, and received 246 candidates. Normally, that number would be closer to 50.

Instead of having to manually evaluate 246 candidates, we instantly identified the 29 applicants who had 'passed' the skills test.

They further narrowed down the list of 29 by checking the answers to the open ended questions until they had 6 very strong candidates ready to interview.

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Shortlisted in seconds: We show you your best performing candidates as they come in, saving you hundreds of hours sifting through applications.

The Results

more candidates than before our skills tests
percentile candidates identified in half a day
strong potential hires, higher quality candidates

Mooncascades was able to focus their energy on the top 6 candidates, and only interview the best instead of wasting precious resources scanning through hundreds of applications.

Mooncascade hiring stats from Toggl hire
Easy analytics: We make it easy to understand your candidate pool with simple graphs and candidate data.
Anu Einberg CEO at Mooncascade
Anu Einberg
CEO at Mooncascade
“With Toggl Hire I can be sure that the candidates we spend time interviewing have already been pre-qualified and  match our main criteria.”

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