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Founded by a team of ex-Wise engineers, Producement is a product engineering studio that helps early-stage startup founders build teams and deliver scalable MVPs, super fast. Only, how quickly and successfully can you source top-level engineering talent in this recruitment climate? As we found out, it gets a lot faster and easier after adding Toggl Hire to the recruitment stack.

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The Challenge

Finding skilled remote product engineers who
would fit into Producement’s
engineering culture

Attracting really high-calibre talent is incredibly difficult, expensive, and risky for most early-stage startups. And these days, a lot of startup founders come from non-tech backgrounds. So while they might be exceptionally talented in their own domain, they need the technical capabilities of professional software engineers to bring their ideas to life.

Add the remote hiring element on top of that, and you have a problem in the making. That’s where the Producement team comes in to save the day, supplying founders with top-notch remote tech talent and experience needed to scale startups.

But as fantastic as it sounds, team Producement carries a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. To guarantee speed and quality to startup founders, Producement needs to scour the market for top-drawer engineers continually – find them, evaluate their skills, and match them with the right product or project

If you ever had to hire a great software engineer, you know how complex and unpredictable the process can be. To attract the best-fit applicants, you must guarantee a fast screening process, fair decision-making and exceptional candidate experience. A tall order for an experienced HR team, let alone a product engineering studio.

Fatima recruiter at producement
Fatima, Recruiter at Producement
“Spotting and hiring skilled remote product engineers whose mindset fits with ours was one of the biggest challenges that prompted us to look for a solution”

The Solution

A while ago, Producement came across another Estonian startup – Toggl Track – that was using engineering skills tests to hire incredible talent remotely. The team was impressed and curious to see if a similar process would work for them, too. Fast-forward to today, Producement is attracting applications from 114 countries and have already hired more than ten professionals using Toggl Hire.

“Toggl Hire has improved the speed of our pre-screening process and the initial interview scheduling. We can now provide candidates with the opportunity to learn more about our engineering culture right from the start”, said Fatima Zhakupzhanova, Recruiter at Producement.

Setting a pass threshold on Toggl Hire
Illustrated: Thanks to Toggl Hire's pass threshold, bad-fit candidates are screened out automatically.

The Results

engineers hired using Toggl Hire
threshold candidates need to pass via technical skills tests
of candidates automatically deemed unfit for interview

After adding Toggl Hire to their recruitment stack, Producement has put the first few steps of the hiring process on autopilot. Once the skills test is set up, candidates start rolling in and are automatically sorted into tiers based on their test score. Candidates that don’t pass the threshold get instant feedback, while top performers are zipped through the screening process to maintain high interest. 

“We usually go back and check the Toggl Hire test score after hiring a new engineer – it’s a great way to fine-tune the process. Toggle Hire has already helped us to hire more than 10 professionals”, said Fatima. “As an engineering studio, we also want to focus more on data-driven hiring, faster processes and better candidate experience.”

Granular breakdown test results by skill
Illustrated: The granular breakdown of test results by skill gives employers a complete overview of the candidates' strengths and weaknesses.
Fatima, Recruiter at People Team – Producement
Recruiter at Producement
“It’s nice to compare candidates’ performance in the Toggl Hire skills test with their performance during the interview process. It helps to make better and more confident hiring decisions.”

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