Finding 165 qualified candidates at a one-day event

We helped event sponsors at the Refresh Conference build an innovative way to get attendees excited about applying for their open positions. As a result of a one-day event, eight companies received a total of 802 applicants, of which 165 met the employer's expectations.

picture of Refresh conference

The Challenge

Establishing a real connection with conference-goers

Companies invest a lot of resources to attract participants at a conference.

The competition is fierce – every team is fighting for the attention of attendees. They often try to swoon people with free merch, interactive booths, and attractive open positions.

The perfect people for your team might be walking in the crowd, but they are not ready to spend lots of time reading boring job ads and talking to every recruiter in the building. Initiating contact in this kind of hectic environment requires a much more thoughtful approach.

“Competing for people's attention at events and conferences is extremely difficult. Traditional recruitment methods are overdone & uninspiring.”

The Solution

We let companies create fun and quick skills tests that drive qualified candidates into their talent pipeline in a seamless way. By solving real-world tasks, test takers get a better understanding of a) if they are right for the job and b) if the job is right for them.

While attendees tried out the skills tests, the companies focused on sparking more conversations and attracting more test takers. 

Refresh landing page for a skills test on Toggl Hire
Capture The Best Talent: Competitive candidates love testing out their skills with a challenge - and that's why our tests are so engaging and effective at capturing great talent.

The Results

companies partnered with us at the conference to get qualified candidates
total applicants for the positions from the one-day event
qualified candidate matches for the specified job roles

The results? Better employer & conference branding, higher attendee engagement, great candidate application experience, and 20+ qualified candidates per company at the end of the day!

picture of a woman doing a skills test at Refresh conference
“Competition for talent is fierce. Instead of relying on the possibility that people will come and talk to you, or engage with your business through a flyer they grabbed with dozens of others – taking the initiative and catching people's attention with something engaging can lead to results you don't get with traditional methods.”

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