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Social media agency Riotly Social struggled with getting enough candidates for their job openings. Typically they'd be stuck at 20-30 candidates per listing. We skyrocketed their candidate numbers 10x, getting them 200 candidates in 3 weeks. Plus, the candidates were better qualified for the jobs.

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spent on sharing the average job listing to job boards and social media
candidates applying per job opening before our skills tests
more candidates after our skills tests were implemented
very highly qualified 'potential hires' identified in just 3 weeks

The Challenge

Posting job openings is expensive, and didn't yield enough candidates

Riotly Social’s pain point was to get a large number of candidates to apply for their jobs. Despite spending $300-400 on promoting their listings, they consistently only received 20-30 candidates per position.

Ending up with such a small candidate pool after 1-2 months wasn’t worth it. Riotly Social needed a more efficient way to attract a larger number of candidates. That's when they found us.

Ho Yin Cheung at Riotly Social
Ho Yin Cheung
Founder at Riotly Social
“Getting in front of the right candidates is tough. LinkedIn is expensive, job boards have a lower quality, and it all takes a long time.”

The Solution

Riotly Social used us to fill their Backend Engineer role. They set up their first skills test based on the skills needed for the role, and started promoting the test on Facebook.

This allowed them to access passive candidates, for a cheaper price (Facebook is a comparatively low-cost platform to advertise on), with an engaging skills test instead of requiring stuffy resumes and cover letters.

Riotly social skills test on toggl hire
Simple design: Our platform's intuitive design makes it easy to set up skills tests in no time

The Results

candidates applied to the Backend Engineer role in just 3 weeks
were instantly identified as 'potential hires' for scoring so well on the test
more candidates applying than before our skills tests

With few candidates comes limited choice for a hire. By increasing Riotly Social's candidate pool 10x, the overall quality of candidates significantly improved too.

riotly social pipeline view on toggl hire
Great time-saver: We automatically shortlist candidates who score over a desired threshold on the skills test, saving you time to focus only on the best.
Ho Yin Cheung at Riotly Social
Ho Yin Cheung
Founder at Riotly Social
“Toggl Hire’s approach is great. They first get you a large number of candidates, and they then pick out the best candidates in that candidate pool. So overall, the quality of the candidates that you end up interviewing and hiring is higher.”

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