How Scoro Filled 2 Tech Roles in Less Than a Month

Fast-growing startup Scoro faced obstacles in attracting quality talent for their more demanding roles. By adding us to their recruitment process, they were able to attract and hire the right candidates for the positions of QA Automation Engineer and Front-End Developer – all in less than a month.

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number of months the position had been open for before we came along
of people are passively looking for jobs - we helped Scoro tap into this
applicants for one role in just the first 3 weeks of using our skills tests
reduction in time to hire using our software and skills tests

The Challenge

Not attracting enough qualified candidates to apply

Scoro only hires the top-notch talent. That’s why their recruitment process focuses on thorough interviews. While this approach was successful for some roles, more demanding technical roles were going unfilled for months.

The QA Automation Engineer position stayed empty for 7 months. The right skillset was impossible to find in Estonia, and the candidates who were applying weren’t qualified enough.

Scoro needed a solution for efficient pre-screening in order to interview only the top candidates, while also successfully attracting the best passive talent out there.

Mai recruiter at Scoro
Recruiter at Scoro
“We don’t make assumptions based on resumes, so we invited lots of people to interviews, which took too much time.”

The Solution

Over 75% of employed people are passively looking for a new job. However, the prospect of wasting time rewriting their resumes is what keeps the best of them from applying.

Our skills tests are fun, engaging, and very quick to complete. Quality candidates like the idea of testing their abilities, even if it doesn't lead to a job. Implementing this method allowed Scoro to capture huge interest from passive candidates and ultimately fill two positions in under one month (after a 7 month dry spell).

Scoro sharing skills tests on Facebook
Capture Passive Candidates: Facebook ads are a great way to capture passive candidates' attention. They're engaging and friendly, and more approachable than traditional job boards.

The Results

applications per job in the first 3 weeks of posting
challenging positions filled in less than a month
reduction in time to hire with our skills test method

A position which stood empty for 7 months was filled in a matter of weeks. As a bonus, another position was filled too, and now Scoro has a highly efficient and effective hiring method in place to combat future hiring dry spells.

screenshot of Scoro pipeline setup on Toggl Hire
Speedy Shortlisting: Easily narrow down hundreds of potential hires to your top-notch interview shortlist using candidate test results.
Mai recruiter at Scoro
Recruiter at Scoro
“Attracting candidates with for technical roles really works better with Toggl Hire than posting on job boards. We will definitely use them and their approach again!”

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