Speeding Up Monese's Hiring Process

Mobile banking service Monese is growing fast - at the time of writing, they're planning on hiring 100 employees in the next 5 months. To overcome this recruitment challenge, they need to expand their potential candidate reach and screen candidates faster. Here’s how we help them get there.

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new hires per month: Monese's growth needs
applicants for one role in just the first 3 weeks of using our skills tests
reduction in time to hire using our software and skills tests

The Challenge

A Company That Outgrew It's Tried & Proven Recruitment Strategy

Monese was growing fast. They had a recruitment strategy that worked in the past, but couldn't keep up anymore.

1. The recruiter screens resumes and picks out the strongest candidates

2. Initial interviews

3. Short take-home test

4. Final interview with team lead

They needed something fresh and fast.

Triinu HR manager at Monese
HR Manager at Monese
“We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can't keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.”

The Solution

Monese turned to us to help them screen candidates faster. After creating their first skills tests, they promoted the job openings on Linkedin, Facebook, and local job boards. Within a few weeks, they received over 350 candidates for two developer positions.

From there, they only focused on candidates who had successfully passed the Toggl Hire screening test.

screenshot of Monese skills test on Facebook
Spread The Word: Sharing your job opening on the right platforms is crucial to attracting great talent. Monese captured 350 candidates in one week thanks to this attention-grabbing Facebook ad and their skills test.

The Results

applications for two developer jobs in just a few weeks
steps in Monese's newer, faster hiring process
reduction in time to hire with our skills test method

We've helped Monese attract a higher number of candidates, and pick out the best ones faster. Instead of the traditional 5-step hiring process, they’re now using a simpler and faster 3-step method for most roles.

screenshot of Monese candidate view on Toggl Hire
Great time-saver: We automatically shortlist candidates who score over a desired threshold on the skills test, saving you time to focus only on the best.
Triinu HR manager at Monese
HR Manager at Monese
“Our hiring process involves less manual work. Toggl Hire gives a pretty good first idea of the candidate’s skill level and knowledge. This saves our recruiters lots of time!”

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