How Toggl Hires
High-Quality Candidates

Toggl is a time-tracker and productivity tool used by millions across the globe. Being a fully remote team means their job openings attract talent the world-over. With an average of 500 applications for each position, they needed a fast, efficient way to identify the best in the bunch. Find out how they reduced their screening time by 100x with our skills tests.

new employees hired using our method
average number of applicants per position
saved on sourcing, screening & shortlisting
fewer interviews conducted before a hire

The Challenge

Slow & expensive recruitment process

There are some common recruitment challenges out there, such as standing out from thousands of other job openings, getting strong candidates to apply for the job, screening quality candidates from piles of applications, and being cost-efficient the whole time.

Toggl’s situation was not different - after an intense 6-month hiring period, the team managed to hire only one developer, who they soon let go because he lacked the skills needed for the job. It was clear they needed a major overhaul in their recruitment process.

CEO at Toggl
“We spent hours on resumes and cover letters, but still didn’t know if the candidate is skilled or not. From there it was clear that we can’t continue with resume-based hiring - it’s just too inefficient.”

The Solution

Toggl ditched resumes completely because they offered limited value, and were an inefficient use of time. To see candidate’s real skills before the interviews, they now use our skill tests as the first hiring step. This immediately weeds out those without the required skills for the job, so hiring managers can focus their time on the best talent.

Skills tests are also more engaging, so attract more passive candidates - strong talent who might be interested in a little challenge, but not necessarily a new job at first. We know over 90% of candidates love the experience of taking our skills tests, regardless of whether they end up landing the job or not.

An Unbeatable Candidate Experience: 91% of candidates rated their experience with our skills tests positively, regardless of how well they scored

The Results

increase in applications per job opening
decrease in shortlisting time
top 10% of candidates automatically shortlisted for interview

Today, Toggl has fully automated the initial stages of recruitment. The only manual part is setting up the initial skills test which takes seconds. Once the questions are prepared and job opening published, the system automatically screens candidates as they apply via the test.

Simple design: Intuitive to use - anyone can set up a test and interpret results fast.
Andrin Riiet
Product Lead at Toggl
“Out of the 12 developers we’ve hired, most weren’t actively looking for a job. They just went into the quiz thinking all they have to lose is few minutes of their time.”

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