Reduce the risk of mishires

Get reliable proof-of-competence before you make any hiring decisions. Try role-specific homework assignments.

Reduce the risk of mishires
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Evaluate job-relevant skills with homework tasks

See how candidates apply their skills and experience to real-world practical problems. Gain deeper insight and hire truly qualified people with our role-specific homework assignments.

Assessing with Toggl Hire

Select from over 500 pre-built tasks

Breeze through homework reviews with expert suggestions on ‘how to evaluate’

Bring the hiring team together with shared notes, candidate rating and easy filtering

Shortlist candidates based on their performance throughout the hiring process

Easily predict who’ll ace the job. Make a confident job offer

Assessing without Toggl Hire

Someone needs to build out the ‘technical task’, but no one has the time

You end up with a high-level take-home task that’s a bit of everything and too easy to misinterpret

Many candidates drop off, others deliver work that’s hard to compare objectively

You end up reviewing presentations one by one, with no side comparison or team input

It’s hard to consolidate screening notes, interview insights, and homework feedback (and you end up making a gut-driven decision)

Predict job performance,
make better hiring decisions

Get a jumpstart with templates

Save time and evaluate candidates more effectively with over 500 ready-made homework templates.

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Get a jumpstart with templates
Build custom tasks

Build custom tasks

Add custom questions to test candidates’ skills and expertise in real-life context. Quickly learn who can make a big impact.

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Evaluation notes

Visualize your hiring pipeline

Make homework tasks the next, easy step. Drag and drop candidates in your candidate pipeline. See who’s still working on their task, who ran out of time, and who’s done.

Visualize your hiring pipeline
Have a single place for hiring insights

Have a single place for hiring insights

Keep insights from all hiring steps neatly summarized with shared team notes, test scores, ratings, and tags.

Don’t lose great talent

Reject candidates with meaningful feedback. Then keep their details in your private talent pool — and never source from zero again!

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Don’t lose great talent

Get proof-of-competence with job homework assignments

See candidates’ skills in action.
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