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Use hiring tests to assess candidates’ key job skills and cultural fit. Quickly spot great-fit talent and zip them through your hiring process.

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Why use a hiring test?

If you want to hire the most qualified person for the job, don’t waste hours screening CVs. Instead, use skills assessments to instantly see how candidates score on the most relevant skills for the job. The best part? Candidates love it too!

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Assess technical and soft skills in one test

Our peer-reviewed test library covers a huge range of job-related skills. Choose to test candidates’ soft skills, hard skills, include personality or aptitude questions to assess potential and fit. Hire for developer, marketing, product or other roles with pre-built test templates or custom skills tests.

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180+ role-specific templates

Pick a ready-made test template and launch in 2 clicks

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Asynchronous video

Use pre-recorded video messages to screen candidates at scale

Asynchronous video intros on Toggl Hire platform
Granular skills reports

Get a quick overview of candidate’s test performance and practical know-how

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Easy filtering

Use scoring and tags to organize your candidate pipeline

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Team-wide collaboration

Easily collaborate with colleagues to streamline your hiring process

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Custom test builder

Can’t find a skills test you need? Build your own!

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Understand how the best-fit candidates find you

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Candidate feedback

Give candidates instant feedback, reduce communication hurdles

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Learn more about using hiring tests

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“By removing unnecessary paperwork, we can hire new people in as little as 2-3 weeks from the time they apply, with very high confidence and very low turnover.”
Paul, Technical Lead at Toggl
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“In just a day, we had over 75 candidates, and 3 of those were already marked as ‘potential hires’. It's a great feeling knowing I didn't have to go through 70+ resumes to find the perfect candidate.”
Dunja Lazic, VP of Marketing
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“The best people aren't usually looking for a job, but when a great opportunity comes (literally) in front of them, they are interested. Toggl Hire helped us get the attention of these people.”
Ho Yin, Founder

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