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Laser focused pre-employment testing

Our tests are already mapped to the most relevant skills for the position, so you can be sure you’re screening for the right abilities, in just one click.

Frontend developer

General coding
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Digital Marketer

Facebook & Google ads
Keyword research and targeting
Problem solving
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Customer support

General customer support
Time Management
Problem solving
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Toggl Hire helps you

Screen faster

Shortlist candidates from 500 to top 20 in minutes.

Hire quality

Spend more time on higher-calibre candidates.

Remain unbiased

Judge candidates on abilities only.

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Have an overview of all your skills tests in one single view
Filter candidates by scores and tags
Collaborate with your team to leave notes, ratings, and tags on candidates.
Get an insight into your hiring process
Give candidates instant feedback on how they performed
Export candidates by using CSV or PDF export
Export candidate data for custom integrations or analytics
User-friendly dashboard
Easy filtering
Team-wide collaboration
Candidate experience
Candidate export
“By removing unnecessary paperwork, we can hire new people in as little as 2-3 weeks from the time they apply, with very high confidence and very low turnover.”
Paul, Mobile Development Team Lead
“In just a day, we had over 75 candidates, and 3 of those were already marked as ‘potential hires’. It's a great feeling knowing I didn't have to go through 70+ resumes to find the perfect candidate.”
Dunja Lazic, VP of Marketing
“The best people aren't usually looking for a job, but when a great opportunity comes (literally) in front of them, they are interested. Toggl Hire helped us get the attention of these people.”
Ho Yin, Founder
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Our pre-employment tests work like magic

1. Select your open job role from Templates

Pick roles from development, sales, marketing, customer support, and design.

2. We create your skills test in seconds

Tests automatically feature only the most relevant skills for the job. Customization optional.

3. Share your test with the world

Post a link to your skills test on job boards, social media, or your careers page.

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