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Essential features for new businesses hiring occasionally.
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3 candidates
Unlimited jobs and tests
Unlimited users
Key features
Put candidate screening on autopilot with a pass score
Unlimited use of skills tests, video intros and homework assignments
Generate unique smart tests for each candidate
Bulk invitations
Instant candidate feedback


Effortless hiring solution for small businesses.
Only billed annually at $240
Only billed annually at $199
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20 candidates
Unlimited jobs and tests
Unlimited users
Key features
Everything in Free +
Build a talent pool with a customizable candidate database
Full access to Reports & Analytics
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Tailored to supercharge startups and growing businesses.
Billed annually at $900
Recurring monthly payment
45 candidates
60 candidates
300 candidates
45 candidates
60 candidates
300 candidates
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45 candidates
Unlimited jobs and tests
Unlimited users
Key features
Everything in Basic +
Anti-cheating tracking and AI features
Hire senior talent with Premium library of advanced questions
Streamline hiring with automations
Access to API and integrations
Email login for candidates
CSV and PDF candidate exports


Fully customizable hiring for bigger teams and fast-growing organizations.
Billed annually at $8,040 $5,628
Recurring monthly payment
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Unlimited candidates
Unlimited jobs and tests
Unlimited users
Key features
Everything in Premium +
Manage your own email template library
Fully customizable candidate experience, including URL redirect
Bulk actions to streamline candidate management

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Only billed annually at $240
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Candidates (annually)
Candidates are automatically unlocked
The number of active jobs per workspace. Our role-specific jobs take only 2 clicks to create and come with pre-suggested tests designed to target different stages of your selection process. Effortlessly screen, assess, shortlist, and select the best-fit candidates on a structured hiring funnel.
The number of users available per workspace.
Vetted talent pool
You will keep access to the talent pool even after closing a test, with the ability to go back in and unlock or review candidates on demand.
Skills assessments
20k+ question library
screenshot of skill test question library on toggl hire
Toggl Hire gives you access to a rapidly growing test library created by subject matter experts. All questions submitted go through an extensive peer review. We have close to 200 skills and 19 thousand questions, and more added every week.
Limited access
Limited access
Complete access
Complete access
Standard tests
Complete access
Complete access
Complete access
Complete access
Premium tests
Unlimited access to all Skills and Tests in out Library.
Complete access
Complete access
Advanced questions
Advanced questions are designed for senior positions
Async video interviews
Video interviews are 2-minute-long, pre-recorded videos that show the person behind the skills test. They help create real human interaction at scale.
Homework questions
Homeworks are in-depth assessments designed to help you evaluate candidates’ expertise in a skill or specific area. They are made up of open-ended questions and can be easily customized to match your job requirements. Ideal for later-stage candidate evaluation.
Custom tests
screenshot of custom skill test UI on toggl hire
Create custom skills tests by mixing and matching Smart, Static, Coding and Free-text questions.
Hiring pipeline
screenshot of pipeline view stages on toggl hire
Fully customizable Kanban-style columns to quickly visualize and manage your hiring process.
Automatic rejections
Automatically reject candidates who do not pass the set score threshold. Giving instant feedback to candidates helps create a positive experience.
Adding tags
Create and save custom tags to quickly filter candidates by unique attributes.
Contact candidates
toggle hire granular skills test report
Directly get in touch with a best-fit candidate via email on their profile. See the communication flow on candidate history.
Mentions in notes
Candidate history
screenshot of candidate history on toggl hire
See an overview of everything that has happened with a candidate from the moment they applied until the final decision has been made.
Candidate details
collect candidate information at the end of the toggl hire skills test
Ask details to your candidates from where they are located to their nationality, make the answers mandatory or optional. Add custom fields.
Automations & AI
Customizable email templates
Use customizable email templates to automate repetitive tasks like invites or rejections without leaving the app.
Email template management
Manage your email templates from one place. You can personalize and tailor the emails based on the needs of your hiring pipeline.
Bulk actions
screenshot of user interface for bulk actions on toggl hire
Effortlessly perform bulk actions, like rejecting or archiving, on selected candidates with one click.
Pipeline automations
Set up automatic redirects to the next step for candidates who pass a certain score threshold and send automatic reminders to candidates who haven’t taken the test yet.
Auto-grade with AI
Get AI to automatically grade candidates’ answers on the scale of 0% to 100% and add evaluation explanation to Notes for every question.
Custom tests
screenshot of custom skill test UI on toggl hire
Create custom skills tests by mixing and matching Smart, Static, Coding and Free-text questions.
Customizable landing pages
Brand your skills test front page with company logo, custom message and background photo. Tailor log in authentication methods to your candidate profile.
Customizable test result pages
Customize the final results page by tailoring your message to candidates based on their score. Additional features coming soon.
Disabling candidate feedback
Disable candidate feedback if you don't want to collect feedback from candidates about their test experience.
Disabling score chart
Disable the score chart if you don't want to show candidates their score after they finish the test.
File attachments
Enable up to 10 attachments to collect additional files, such as work samples or portfolios, at the end of the test.
Editing candidate information
toggle hire granular skills test report
Edit candidate information from their name to their location on the candidate score card.
URL redirect
Automatically redirect candidates to a chosen page upon completion of the test.
Candidate Experience
Instant feedback
screenshot of skill test result page used for instant feedback
Upon completing a test, candidates will be presented with instant feedback — their test score, coupled with a customized message from you/your company.
Unlocked only
Intro video
Record a video message introducing your company and the role.
Social login
Candidates can log in to take your test via their GitHub, LinkedIn, or Facebook accounts.
Email login
Candidates can log in to take your test using their email account.
Anti-Cheating Measures
Unique smart test
Our intuitive system automatically generates a unique Smart Test for every candidate: no two candidates get the same test. They will be tested for the same skills, and the tests will be of comparable difficulty.
Browser fingerprint
System flags candidates who completed several tests from the same browser.
Copy detection
System flags candidates who copy test questions.
Paste detection
System flags candidates who paste answers.
Test completion time
System flags candidates who completed the test under 5 minutes.
Email similarity
System flags candidates who used similar emails (claire@gmail.com, claire+1@gmail.com...).
Detect AI
Use automatic AI detection to determine if candidates’ turned to third-party AI tools to generate answers to Free Text and Code Input questions.
Enterprise Readiness
Multiple candidate invitation options
Generate a link to share your skills test on different platforms or send an email to invite candidates to take your skills test.
GDPR compliance
We manage your data in compliance with GDPR and CCPA.
Advanced user rights
Manage who can view, edit, and leave notes for each of your jobs.
API access
Toggl Hire API lets you export candidate data for custom integrations or analytics.
Slack integration
screenshot of toggl hire integration with slack
With Slack integration, get notified about new candidates when they take your skills test.
Zapier integration
Send profiles of your candidates to many other tools via Zapier integrations.
Reporting & Analytics
Candidate experience & feedback report
example of candidate feedback comments on toggl hire
This report gives you a global overview of your candidate experience.
Assessment analytics
screenshot of question performance report on toggl hire
Get a granular understanding of candidate performance per skill.
Candidate sources analytics
This report will help you see which channels and sources bring you the best candidates to optimize your sourcing efforts.
Email support
Chat support
Dedicated account manager
New user training
1 session
3 sessions

Customizable to you

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Hire 3x faster

Autogenerate your automated hiring pipeline in 2 clicks to screen, evaluate and select candidates through practical skills assessments. Deal with high volume, hire 3x faster.

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Screen like a pro in any field

Screen for job-specific skills with autogenerated assessments, even when you don't have field expertise. Make confident hiring decisions with our ever-growing library of 15,000+ questions.

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Be in charge

Create a role-specific hiring pipeline by stacking different assessments into your own unique flow. Customize your funnel to perfection. Stay in charge throughout.

“Since adopting Toggl Hire in June 2022, we’ve been able to quickly and efficiently verify candidates’ knowledge on their own time – we have tested approximately 170 candidates and saved over 320 hours in candidate screening. It has streamlined recruiting for us and provided flexibility for them.”
Miriam Fries, Talent Acquisition Manager at Hilti
Alexis at Proxify
“Each month we're receiving around 3,000 applications. After rolling out the Technical skills tests by Toggl Hire, we've been able to increase predictive confidence for inviting the candidate to a pre-screen call from 65% to 93%. Toggl Hire's quality exceeds the quality of other tools on the market, at a very competitive price point. We highly recommend the solution.”
Alexis Komarov, Head of Talent Acquisition at Proxify
Gilad Bornstein
“Flatworld's business is to find great remote talent for companies. We have been using Toggl's testing services for almost 2years by now with almost 20,000 test-takers that completed one of the 20+ different tests that we have on the platform. The service is easy to use, and helps us to perform a quick and effective top-of-the-funnel filtering while keeping a great Candidate experience.”
Gilad Bornstein, Co-Found and CEO at FlatWorld.co
“We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can't keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.”
Triinu, HR Manager at Monese
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your pricing work?

After signing up you are automatically on our Free Plan. Free Plan has the essentials to get started with Toggl Hire. To unlock the full potential of Toggl Hire with 20% discount, you can choose between our Premium and Business annual plans.

Is the Basic Plan available monthly?

Basic Plan is the most affordable subscription option in the market and is only available on an annual subscription. We’ve created the basic plan with a compact set of features to better cater to smaller teams.

What are my payment options?

You can be billed monthly, or save 20% by choosing annual billing. We currently accept payments from Amex, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. Wire transfer is also accepted for annual plans, please contact your account manager or support@hire.toggl.com if you would like to pay via wire transfer.

Do you offer any discounts?

You can save 20% on Business and Premium plans by choosing annual billing. If you'd like more info about the different plans or a customized package, please write to support@hire.toggl.com.

I am currently on Free Plan. How do I subscribe to a paid plan?

You can subscribe to a paid plan by going to your account settings and then selecting the 'Plans and Billing' tab. Select the plan by clicking Upgrade to Plan and filling out the billing information. Your new plan will be effective immediately.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan anytime?

Yes, you can do so anytime.

How long does the subscription period last?

Once subscribed, there's a period of 30 days until the next subscription cycle will renew. If you chose an annual plan the period is 365 days.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes. You can pause your subscription for up to 6 months while keeping all data, from your vetted talent pool to jobs and assessments. When you are ready to hire again, you can restore your subscription and continue where you left off.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription anytime by navigating to your account settings under your workspace name and then selecting the 'Cancel subscription' link under the 'Plans and Billing' tab.

What happens if I hit my job limit?

Each plan will be limited to the number of jobs they can have open/active. You can unlock new jobs by upgrading your plan.

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