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Remote hiring, but a lot smooother.

Find the perfect skills match for the job, remotely. Use skills tests to identify top talents, world-over.

Remote hiring, but a lot smooother.

Why digital teams choose Toggl Hire?

Get started in minutes

Kick off the hiring process with zero effort. Leverage autogenerated skills tests to open new roles in 2 minutes.

Deal with high volume

Let automated screening filter out the best candidates for the role. Waste no time on bad-fit applicants, fast-track the superstars.

Hire with confidence

Make bad hires a thing of the past. Find and engage the best candidates only. Know who will succeed before you hire.

Alexis Komarov
Each month we're receiving around 3,000 applications. After rolling out the Technical skills tests by Toggl Hire, we've been able to increase predictive confidence for inviting the candidate to a pre-screen call from 65% to 93%. Toggl Hire's quality exceeds the quality of other tools on the market, at a very competitive price point. We highly recommend the solution.
Alexis Komarov, Head of Talent Acquisition at Proxify
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Reduce screening time 86x with automated screening. Not kidding.

Reduce screening time 86x with automated screening

Go from 500 applicants to the 50 strongest candidates in one afternoon. Use smart skills tests to see candidates’ real skills before the interviews. Set a threshold and immediately weed out those without the required skills for the job. Save time and only focus on the best talent.

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Become a company that candidates love with instant feedback

Let candidates know his result

With high candidate volumes it can be hard to make sure everyone gets feedback. With Toggl Hire, both the employer and the candidate get instant access to the test results. Everything is fully customisable, so you can craft the message the way YOU want. 81% of the candidates love the instant feedback, regardless of their test results.

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Manage your whole hiring process in one place with pipeline view

Manage your whole hiring process in one place with pipeline view

Manage your whole hiring process in a customisable Pipeline View. Get a visual overview of candidates in every stage of your hiring process. Use email templates to invite and reject candidates. Collaborate with your team to leave notes, ratings, and tags on candidates.

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Cheat-proof, so that you can trust the results you get

Eliminate bias for both parties and build trust from the get-go. No two candidates get the same combination of questions on their test. You can track browser fingerprint, test completion time, and detect copy-paste without giving your candidates the creeps.

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Take an asynchronous next step with pre-recorded video messages

Forget the back-and-forth dance of trying to find a good time for a call. Or sitting in back-to-back interviews all day, copiously taking notes to compare the candidates later. Use our Video Intros to run multiple asynchronous interviews at the same time, then review and evaluate answers in your own time.
Real human interaction, but at scale.

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Find out more about hiring remotely

You don’t need to reinvent remote hiring. We’ve got it covered for you.

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