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Startups’ secret sauce to building winning teams

Time to grow? Effortlessly screen hundreds of candidates for any role, in minutes. Find the top talent your company needs to 🚀🚀🚀

Startups’ secret sauce to building winning teams
Find the unicorns that your clients want
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How Toggl Hire helps you grow?

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Launch new roles in a snap

Get it done now. Open new roles in minutes using our smart tests or creating custom ones.
90+ roles, 180+ skills and 15,000+ questions. We’ve got you covered.

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Put candidate screening
on autopilot

Set a test treshold to automatically weed out unqualified candidates. Let automated screening identify the best candidate for the role, without any bias or BS.

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Boost your employer brand

Be that startup everyone
wants to work for. Stand out
in the talent market with an innovative approach to hiring and the best candidate experience.
Be the talent magnet.

We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can't keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.
Triinu, HR Manager at Monese
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Become a startup candidates raaaave about

Become a start-up candidates raaaave about

Create brand awareness around your company and stand out in the talent market with instant feedback. Your candidate gets instant access to the test results. Everything is fully customisable, so you can craft the message the way YOU want. 81% of the candidates love the instant feedback, regardless of their test results.

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Unbeatable Question Library that covers tech, marketing, finance and soooo many other fields

Question library

Remain confident that candidates are being tested on skills that are relevant today. Our constantly evolving question library is created by experts and covers hundreds of different skills, from technical roles to marketing to finance -you name it-, with over 15,000 questions.

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Our easy and intuitive setup, your ready-in-2-clicks customizable test

Your ready-in-2-clicks completely customizable test, our easy and intuitive set up

Looking to screen particular skills or want to mix-and-match to create the perfect test for your startup? Create your own custom tests within minutes. Add questions from our library or create your own. Choose the question type that suits you. Customize the test time, test difficulty or the landing page. With Toggl Hire, you are in charge.

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Cheat-proof, so that you can trust the results you get

Eliminate bias for both parties and build trust from the get-go. No two candidates get the same combination of questions on their test. You can track browser fingerprint, test completion time, and detect copy-paste without giving your candidates the creeps.

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