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Employee Time Tracking for Teams

Track your employees' attendance and work hours with ease.

Over 1M users use Toggl to track their time.
  • Adobe uses Toggl
  • Amazon uses Toggl
  • Google uses Toggl
  • Autodesk uses Toggl
  • Starbucks uses Toggl

As of May 2019, Spanish law requires companies to record the working hours of their employees and store that data for 4 years. Unions must be notified of overtime hours worked by employees.

Simple Time Tracking

Toggl is easy to use and works wherever you do. You can record in real time or manually enter your hours later with our web, mobile or desktop apps.

Accurate Reports on Working Hours

Toggl lets you see how much time people are spending on work quickly. You can also set up scheduled emails to automatically send time reports to unions.

You Control the Data

Toggl saves all your historical work hours data automatically, so you don't have to worry about keeping records to comply with employment laws.

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Features to help you track your team's working hours, and stay compliant with employment laws.

Toggl Time Entries

One-Click Timers and Manual Entries

It's one click to start the timer, one click to stop it. You can also restart time entries quickly based on your tracking history. Use manual entries if you only add your time once a day.

Toggl iOS app

iPhone and Android Apps

Track time on the go, even without an internet connection. Time entries will be saved and synced across other devices when you come back online.

Time Tracking Reminders

Autotrackers and Reminders

Set reminders for specific times or when you open your favorite apps. Toggl can remind you to track time every 2 hours, or if you open a specific app. This feature is available in Toggl Desktop and the Toggl Button extension.

Toggl Reports

Easy Reports Sharing

Easily compile summary or detailed reports of the time tracked by your team. You can export reports as CSV, Excel or PDF files.

Toggl Time Entries

Toggl API

Need a custom solution? All free plans come with an API key which allows you to build your own Toggl implementations.

Project Data

Archived Projects for Accurate Forecasting

Time entries in one place provide an easy-to-read overview of time spent on prior projects. Your data will help you confidently estimate how much time future projects will take.

Assign billable rates and user costs with Toggl

Billable Hours and User Costs

Assign different billable rates and hourly labor costs for each team member. Efficiently manage your team so you don’t blow your budget.

Time and Project Alerts

Project Time Estimates and Alerts

Track the progress of your projects. You can also set up alerts when time tracked by your team is at 50%, 75% or 100% of your time estimates.

Toggl email reminders and time audits

Email Reminders and Time Audits

Automatically send email reminders to team members who haven’t hit their target hours. Time audits help filter out suspicious time entries, to ensure accurate reporting.

Free plan is free for teams up to 5 users.
Starter plan starts at $10/month per user.
Premium plan starts at $20/month per user.

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“Solo he probado la versión de Toggl gratuita pero la verdad es que pese a su simplicidad, es bastante potente para medir tiempos de trabajo. Lo recomiendo cómo apoyo a un planificador de proyectos.”

Usuario de Toggl

“Muy funcional y cubre las necesidades que se necesitan en una herramienta para medir y cuantificar el tiempo dedicado a tareas y proyectos. La llevo utilizando durante 1 año y creo que es de momento la mejor.”

Usuario de Toggl

“Permite hacer un seguimiento del tiempo. Viene fetén para saber cuanto te cuesta una tarea y mejorar la productividad. Se pueden poner etiquetas para que varias tareas se sumen al tiempo total de una actividad. Justo lo que andaba buscando.”

Usuario de Toggl