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Webinar: Landing Remote Clients (And Keeping Them Happy!)

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Webinar: Landing Remote Clients (And Keeping Them Happy!)

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You can build a successful client-based business without ever actually sitting down with a client.

Seriously. In fact, it's a pretty smart idea.

Why limit yourself by geography, when the best clients are all over the place?

This webinar will walk you through all of the details you need, from important “Do’s and Don’ts,” to tips from experts that ensure both you and your remote client are happy together.

About Your Host

Liz Elfman is a content strategist and copywriter running the inbound component at Toggl Track. She has been working with startups including Toggl Track, General Assembly, and Mind the Product since 2011. Previously, she was a marketing manager for Google before founding her own copywriting agency.

About Your Host

Liz Elfman

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