Time Tracking for Teams

Get crystal-clear transparency on what your team does with their time, so you can make powerful decisions when needed. Effortlessly discover how profitable your clients and projects are.

70 000+ teams using Toggl Track, including:
  • Adobe uses Toggl Track
  • Amazon uses Toggl Track
  • Google uses Toggl Track
  • Disney uses Toggl Track
  • Microsoft uses Toggl Track

Track time to make planning projects and staying profitable a breeze.

Easy Project Planning

Start the tracker to record how much time your team spends on different projects and clients. Reflect on this data to plan & manage your time, team members and future projects efficiently and without stress

Charge Clients Accurately

Refer to past tracked times and pin-point with deadly accuracy how much you should be charging clients for new projects. Quote project prices to clients with solid data to back your rates

Clear Profitability Reports

View charts to tell you how profitable each of your projects are based on costs & time-tracked. Use this information to cut loose any projects or clients that aren’t worth your team’s time


Average annual savings by teams every year

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Increase in team productivity

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Custom solutions using Toggl Track API

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Integrations with other tools

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Toggl Track Premium has countless features to help you make informed decisions to boost your team’s productivity, skyrocket profits and effortlessly meet deadlines.

See Toggl Track's complete feature list.

Easily view profitability

Use Toggl Track Insights to view actionable business data, charts and graphs. Instantly get the big picture of how profitable your projects and clients truly are.

Set user costs

Cost-per-user feature sets hourly costs for each team member. Efficiently manage your team members so they stay productive and you don’t blow your budget.

View powerful reports

Automatically compile timesheets and detailed reports when your team tracks time. Use these to estimate project finish dates, costs of extra work and easily quote project prices to clients.

Use flexible time tracking

Toggl Track has automatic data-syncing, cross-platform time tracking on mobile and web apps, as well as on your desktop. Enjoy the freedom that comes with using a device that has incredible flexibility.

See progress live with team dashboards

See in real-time how your teams are progressing with projects. Rapidly detect weak spots in your team’s armor. Delegate more workers or give retraining to boost productivity.

Export reports

Easily export data from Weekly, Detailed & Summary report pages to PDF, CSV & XLS formats. Schedule to send these reports to clients via email automatically, to help show how budgets are being spent.

Integrate Toggl Track Premium with over 85+ popular management tools.

Track time with your favorite tools for a devastatingly-efficient team that runs like a smooth, well-oiled machine.


Public API and open-source code

Check our public GitHub repositories for how you can customize Toggl Track to meet your business needs.

Data security details

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Full plan comparison

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Setting up team account

Read how your data is kept safe in Toggl Track.

Start timer from any website

Highlight any text and start a timer straight from there.

Reports, graphs and charts

See what you can do with your timesheet data in Toggl Track.