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Toggl Track for Creative Teams

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Toggl Track for Creative Teams

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Do you ever feel like creative teams and time-tracking just don't mix?

You're just so busy trying to win clients and keep them happy. You're not interested in learning a complicated tool. You can barely take the time to fill in a time-sheet once a week. The last thing you need is more admin.

Then again - what if there was a way to make time-tracking dead simple? Time tracking takes away the guesswork around invoicing. Time tracking lets you evaluate whether a project is worth doing. Time tracking impresses your clients through transparency and accountability.

Call us crazy - but we think time-tracking is 100% required for creative teams. And we're here to help you do it.

As a creative, you need to focus on your strengths. Design, copy, content strategy, art direction, graphics, video - you work best when your attention is on your core service. That's why we've collected wisdom, use-cases, and tips for how creative teams use Toggl Track.

This ebook will walk through how to develop efficient workflows, analyze a project's profitability, communicate effectively with your clients, and more. Whether you've never used Toggl Track or you're a power-user looking to supercharge your Toggling, this guide will help.

Learn more about using Toggl Track to foster that creative spark!

Toggl for Creative Teams ebook


  1. Why Toggl Track Works for Creatives and Their Teams
  2. Case Studies - Toggl Track In Action
  3. Take It From The Founder of Reddit
  4. What Problems Are We Solving for Creatives?
  5. Toggl Uses Toggl Track - How We Rely On Our Own Tool
  6. Integrations
  7. Over to You
Your imagination is already at work. Ready to start tracking it?

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